Are you wondering How To Remove Dry Erase Marker From Fabric Sofa? You’re not alone. The task can seem daunting, especially if you don’t know what type of ink is in the marker or which methods are best for removing it. But don’t worry – with a bit of knowledge and care, you can get rid of the stain quickly and safely.

In this Nousdecor article, we’ll discuss what’s in dry erase markers, provide several options on how to remove them from fabric sofas, answer whether oxiclean will work and give some advanced tips too.

Key Takeaways

  • Dry erase marker ink contains xylene, ethyl acetate, and/or isopropanol, making it difficult to remove from fabrics without causing damage or discoloration.
  • Rubbing alcohol or acetone can be used to remove dry erase marker from fabric sofas, with rubbing alcohol being less likely to cause discoloration and acetone being more effective but should be used sparingly to prevent fabric damage.
  • Homemade cleaning solutions such as dish soap mixed with warm water, white vinegar mixed with warm water, and borax powder mixed with warm water can also be effective in removing dry erase marker stains from fabric sofas.
  • Testing any cleaning product or solution in an inconspicuous area is crucial to avoid discoloration or damage to the fabric and to ensure the chosen method is suitable for the fabric type.
How To Remove Dry Erase Marker From Fabric Sofa
How To Remove Dry Erase Marker From Fabric Sofa

What Is in Dry Erase Marker Ink?

I’m a fan of dry erase markers for their convenience and ease of use. But I recently made the mistake of using one on my fabric sofa.

It turns out that this type of ink can be difficult to remove, so I wanted to understand what’s in it. Dry erase marker ink typically contains xylene, ethyl acetate, and/or isopropanol.

This combination makes it very effective for writing on surfaces like whiteboards but also makes it hard to remove from fabrics without causing damage or discoloration.

And if you’re planning to use dry erase marker to paint your fabric couch then I will stop you right there. Instead, check out our step-by-step fabric sofa painting guide now!

Knowing that, it’s time to explore options on how best to rid my sofa of its unwelcome addition.

Options on How To Remove Dry Erase Marker From Fabric Sofa

Removing ink from fabric sofa caused by dry erase marker can be tricky, but there are several solutions available. Rubbing alcohol or acetone can be used to break down the ink, while a homemade cleaning solution of white vinegar and baking soda can help lift the stain.

Murphy Oil Soap and Magic Eraser have also been known to work on fabric sofas, as does hydrogen peroxide when it comes to removing tough stains. With these options in mind, you should now be able to remove any dry erase marker stain from your fabric sofa!

Rubbing Alcohol or Acetone

You can try using rubbing alcohol or acetone to remove dry erase marker from fabric sofa as these are a few of the easy fabric sofa cleaning methods. Rubbing alcohol has a lower concentration of active ingredients and is less likely to cause discoloration.

However, it may take multiple applications to completely remove the marker. Acetone, on the other hand, is more effective but should be used sparingly as it can damage the fabric if not used correctly.

Test any cleaning product in an inconspicuous spot first and always use a clean cloth when applying either solution. Both solutions should be dabbed onto the affected area with a damp cloth and allowed to sit for several minutes before wiping off with a clean cloth.

Additionally, you will want to vacuum up any loose particles remaining after treatment to extend the life of your furniture fabric. With this approach, you’ll have better luck removing dry erase marker from fabric sofa without damaging it.

Next up, we’ll look at options for making homemade cleaning solutions for erasing markers from fabrics.

Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing Alcohol

Homemade Cleaning Solution

Making a homemade cleaning solution can be an effective way to tackle tough marker stains on fabric without damaging it.

Dish SoapMix 1 teaspoon of dish soap with 2 cups of warm water.
White VinegarMix ½ cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water.
Borax PowderMix 1 tablespoon of borax powder with 2 cups of warm water.

First, test any chemical for colorfastness on a hidden area before applying it to the stain, and work from the outside in to avoid spreading the stain further. Then apply one solution at a time using a clean cloth or sponge by blotting until the stain is gone.

Rinse off any remaining residue after each application and move onto the next solution if needed. Finally, let the fabric air dry completely before examining it again for any remaining stains; repeat as necessary until all marks are removed from fabric sofa.

With this approach, removing dry erase marker from fabric should be no problem at all! In addition, Murphy Oil Soap may also prove useful…

Murphy Oil Soap

Try using Murphy Oil Soap to help tackle tough stains on fabric surfaces. This oil-based soap can break down the stain molecules and help lift them away from the fabric fibers.

To use, mix one part Murphy Oil Soap with 10 parts hot water. Make sure to test it on an inconspicuous area of your sofa first before applying it directly to the stain.

Once you’re satisfied that it won’t damage the fabric, dip a soft cloth in the solution and dab at the dry erase marker stain until it’s gone. Rinse off any remaining residue with cold water afterwards.

For best results, make sure to rinse all of the soap out so that it doesn’t attract dirt particles later on. With this method, you should be able to remove even stubborn dry erase marker stains with ease.

Now that you’ve tackled the toughest part of cleaning your fabric sofa, let’s move onto what else you can do…

Use Magic Eraser

One of the water-free fabric sofa cleaning tips is to use a Magic Eraser, which can help eliminate pesky dry erase marker stains from fabric sofas.

Non-toxic More time consuming
Easy to useMay require multiple applications
Gentler than harsher solutions Can cause discoloration on delicate fabric

The eraser works by absorbing the stain, breaking it up and allowing it to be wiped away. It’s important to remember that when using a Magic Eraser, you should always test it first in an inconspicuous area of the sofa and then proceed cautiously when removing the stain.

With patience and some elbow grease, this method will leave your couch looking good as new. Easily transitioning into hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and removing couch stains, another solution for removing dry erase marker from your luxury sofa selections is revealed.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean and Remove Couch Stains

If Magic Eraser doesn’t work, you can also try using hydrogen peroxide to clean and remove dry erase marker from fabric sofas:

  • Mix 1 part hydrogen peroxide with 2 parts water.
  • Dip a cloth in the mixture and dab it onto the stain.
  • Blot the area until the mark is gone.
  • Wipe off excess liquid with a damp cloth.
  • Allow the area to air-dry completely.

Once you’ve removed the dry erase marker, you may want to consider other methods such as Oxiclean for further cleaning and stain removal.

Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean and Remove Couch Stains
Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean and Remove Couch Stains

Will Oxiclean remove Dry Erase Marker?

Oxiclean may be able to help remove dry erase marker from fabric sofa. It is a powdered cleaner that can serve as an effective stain remover due to its oxygen-based active ingredient, sodium percarbonate.

When mixed with water, it releases hydrogen peroxide and soda ash which helps to break down stains. However, Oxiclean should not be used on delicate fabrics or materials such as silk or leather.

Additionally, it should also not be used on colored fabrics as the hydrogen peroxide can cause discoloration.

To use Oxiclean for removing dry erase marker from fabric sofa, create a paste by mixing the powder with water and rub it gently onto the affected area in circular motions until the stain starts to disappear. Let it sit for 15 minutes before washing off with cold water.

Although this method may help remove some of the dry erase marker, for more stubborn stains other advanced tips may need to be employed.

Other Advanced Tips

For more difficult dry erase marker stains, try using rubbing alcohol or an upholstery cleaner. Rubbing alcohol should be used on lighter fabrics and can be applied with a cotton swab or cloth.

For heavier fabrics, use an upholstery cleaner specifically designed to remove stains from fabric furniture. When applying either of these solutions, test it first in an inconspicuous area to make sure there is no discoloration or damage done to the material.

Also, make sure that whatever you are using will not cause any water staining of the fabric sofa (see tips to remove water stains from sofa). After cleaning with either solution, rinse off the spot with cold water and dab dry with a clean towel. Repeat as necessary until all traces of the marker have been removed.

There’s a new trend of cleaning which is using the Pink Stuff cleaning product. Check out our article on Can You Use The Pink Stuff On Fabric Sofa for more information now!

If the spot persists after several attempts, consider calling a professional for help removing it safely and effectively without further damaging your sofa’s fabric and color and helps in maintaining sofa cleanliness.

Frequently Asked Questions

I generally recommend using water-resistant fabric for dry erase markers. Polyester and nylon are great, as well as polyurethane-coated fabrics. Cotton is not ideal due to its absorbency, but can be used with a protective coating.

Yes, there is a risk of staining if I use a dry erase marker on my fabric sofa. However, by choosing a fabric that is specifically designed for use with markers, such as polyester or nylon fabrics, I can minimize the risk of permanent damage.

I recommend using a non-permanent, water-soluble dry erase marker for fabric sofas. This type of marker is less likely to cause staining and can be easily removed with water.

Yes, you can use a steamer to remove dry erase marker from fabric sofas. Make sure to test the steamer in an inconspicuous area first and proceed with caution.

I’ve been asking myself: how can I protect my fabric sofa from dry erase marker stains in the future? After research, I’ve found that using a protective coating or sealant before applying the marker may be the best solution.


Well, there you have it – a comprehensive guide to removing dry erase marker from your fabric sofa.

While it may seem like a daunting task at first, with the right tools and techniques, you can remove those pesky ink stains in no time. So don’t despair if you find yourself needing to clean up your furniture.

Just remember that with a bit of elbow grease and patience, you’ll be back to enjoying your sofa in no time! And if you’re interested in fabric sofa variety, check out our modern fabric sofa collection now!

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