The usage of futons has been a concept that initially came from Japan. Japanese men and women earn their bed on the ground using a mat, plus they’d fold it back throughout the day.

Though futons are flexible and practical, they are inclined to feel more firm than conventional mattresses. Therefore, those who prefer to sleep on soft beds find them comfortable.

Inside this guide, we’ll share with you tips on How to Make a Futon More Comfortable. Let us dive right into it.

How to Make a Futon More Comfortable?

How to Make Futon More Comfortable

Add Wooden Bed Slats Under the Futon Mattress

Sometimes the best way to create a comfy futon is to not include something in addition to the mattress but to support it from beneath. Sofa sleepers of all sorts frequently could use a little additional support.

So as soon as you’ve correctly constructed your futon, consider incorporating wooden mattress slats to provide firmness and avoid any sagging in the center of the mattress or around the borders. is the best recommendation for DIY slat solutions that are easy and affordable:

Head to your local home improvement store to purchase some 1×4 pieces of lumber, then drill in the additional slats alongside the existing beams to fill in the gaps and provide more consistent support.

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Add Mattress Toppers

Add a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers can be a significant help for conventional beds, and the same is true for all these kinds, mainly if yours is on the thin side. Your first step is to pick the ideal mattress topper according to your sleeping style and requirements.

If you are worried about how incorporating one will seem, you can tuck your mattress topper within the cover, providing a cozy sleep area without even turning it into an eyesore.

Pro Tip: You can store a thick, luxurious mattress topper during the day, and then apply it at night. Most mattress toppers can be rolled up and stored in a cabinet or closet.

Put an Air Mattress at the Top of this Futon

Put an Air Mattress at the Top of this Futon

An air mattress may also be a simple solution for producing a sofa bed comfy. You’re able to pull the product out and match the air mattress once the occasion requires that excess layer of service.

Another advantage is they add more elevation. Futon beds aren’t famous for being high off the floor, so the extra height in the air mattress can assist you, and your guest feels much more comfortable so long as the mattress feels secure.

Get the Right Materials

When purchasing, start looking for one with a mattress made from polyester or memory foam. These mattresses tend to keep a tiny bit of the kind if you sit or put them on and will bounce back.

It is essential to keep in mind that comfy sitting is an issue of give-and-take. You would like furniture which can give way if you sit. Nonetheless, you need some material when you’re doing it, and you also would like it to come back to its original shape once you awaken.

Place layer comforters on top of the futon mattress

Comforters are thick and will provide comfort to the consumer. You may use this to create your futon mattress more comfortable.

If you use a down comforter, the relaxation provided remains the same.

Comforters provide an excess edge when you’ve got two guests sharing the mattress. You can fix how you pad the comforter based on how they enjoy it.

The down quilt filling power is just one critical point to consider when buying one. This is because the fill leaves the duvet to be warmer and towering.

Add a Featherbed into the Futon Mattress

Bring the finest of numerous cultures together once you join your Japanese futon and the European heritage of a featherbed. A featherbed is similar to a down comforter which you sleep on top of instead of pulling it on you during the night. Usually, a featherbed is broken into segments to keep the down from turning to a single side of their mattress or another.

Mattress Maintenance

Futon Mattress Maintenance

As a regular mattress requires maintenance to make the most of its lifespan, your futon mattress needs upkeep too. Taking care of your mattress makes it remains comfortable longer and reduces corrosion. There are many tactics for keeping up a mattress, like flipping it frequently and protecting it with a mattress topper.

Think About Purchasing a New One

However hard we try, sometimes our existing futon just does not cut it. That is when you need to begin considering purchasing a new one entirely. Maybe you bought that posh futon with all of the bells and whistles, believing it’d look fantastic in your apartment.

But if each time that your in-laws come to see you are reminded of this less than perfect sleep scenario, it may be time for a change. The fantastic thing is that some excellent options that you buy could assist you and your visitors feel good.

Truth is, futons don’t all look the same. There’s a huge difference between the sofa sleeper you have had in your living room since 1987 and the Murphy Cabinet Beds that we stock today.

Extra Tips:

For People Who may lack the Excess money to buy the things mentioned above, just:

  • Add some Excess fill to the futon mattress to Improve comfort.
  • Flip the mattress frequently to avoid sagging.
  • If it sags, hang it somewhere and overcome the mattress using a broom handle so the fill may fill out the sagging regions.
  • Place little cushions underneath the mattress to Keep You from feeling uncomfortable Once You sit on the futon throughout the day.

Try a new mattress

Although innerspring mattresses can be cost-effective and provide excellent support, they can also be uncomfortable to sleep on because they are too thin to fold up.

Memory foam mattresses are the best option. They can help you avoid the pressure points that coils can cause when they are folded into futons. Memory foam is heat sensitive and can be odorous after it has been purchased.

Natural mattresses are my favorite, especially these Stowaway mattresses by White Lotus Home. These mattresses are great for futon use, but they also work well as a floor mattress.

Additional Frame Support

Futons are just padding that is placed on top of a futon frame made of metal or wood. Futons frames can have gaps between the bars, which allows the pad to sag. Uneven padding is less comfortable than consistent padding.

You should inspect your futon frame to see if there are any gaps where the padding could sink. These should be addressed. One solution is to place a thin piece of cardboard over the entire frame.

Could you Make a Futon Feel Just Like a Couch?

Could you Make a Futon Feel Just Like a Couch?
Could you Make a Futon Feel Just Like a Couch?

If we are speaking about a high-dollar energy recliner couch designed to be given as delicate butter, the solution is no. Futons are primarily created for function. With the ideas mentioned above, you can make it even comfier, but it will not be as comfortable as the actual thing.

It’s possible to make it feel much more like a couch, but dressing this up and arranging your space so it imitates the sense a couch has on a space.

Put some throw cushions on a futon used as a couch, and put a few end tables on either side of it. A coffee table in the front of it’s going to go a very long way to creating your futon texture like a couch.

Take inventory of the area’s general sense. Couches are essential components of any area they are in. Fix lighting and rugs and the positioning of amusement bits such as televisions to assist the futon in projecting the sense of a couch.


Hopefully, our quick guide to creating a more comfy futon has helped you improve your sleeping arrangements. If this is the case, leave a comment letting us know which trick you found the most useful. Thank you for choosing to spend your time together with We appreciate your support.


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