Are you having difficulty deciding between Leesa vs Purple Mattress? We are going to help you close your buying journey by comparing purple vs Leesa mattresses based on their construction, firmness, Sizing & Price, Shipping and Returns, and a whole lot more.

Both of these companies are leaders in the bed-in-a-box marketplace, and the mattresses are incredibly high-quality. The Leesa is a memory foam mattress that hugs the body and supports each sleeping position. The Purple has an exceptional gel grid top layer that brings a weightless, floating texture.

While the two mattresses provide the strain relief and encouragement that back and side sleepers desire, Leesa’s balanced foam texture affirms stomach sleepers best. Hot sleepers tend to favor the ultra-breathable Purple mattress within the all-foam Leesa, and it’s a bit better to get lightweight side sleepers.

Continue reading as we proceed to a detailed comparison of both of these mattresses to know which is the best mattress for you.

Purple and Leesa Mattress Comparison

Comparing Leesa vs Purple Mattress

Mattress Construction

The construction of a mattress plays a crucial role in how it feels and how probable it’s to last. Both the Purple and the Leesa are considered all-foam mattresses; however, they have some apparent differences in how they’re built.


The Leesa mattress has a standard foam construction with three layers of foam that add up to 10 inches.
The Leesa mattress has a standard foam construction with three layers of foam that add up to 10 inches.

Each layer is carefully designed to offer temperature control, back support, contouring, and durability.

LSA200 foam – The top 2-inch layer of LSA200 foam uses patented foam which combines the best features of memory foam and latex. It is more responsive than memory foam and provides better pressure relief than latex. Its breathable structure keeps the mattress cool, dry, and comfortable.

The second layer of memory foam is 2-inch thick and is used for pressure relief. This layer contours around your hips and shoulders to prevent pressure points from forming. This layer balances the firmness of LSA200 foam. The Leesa mattress is firm enough to support but soft enough to provide comfort.

As with all mattresses, the bottom 6 inches of support foam is composed of dense support foam. It serves two purposes: to support the sleeper and to hold the other layers together.


The top layer of the mattress is purple, which replaces traditional foam with Hyper-Elastic polymer. This mattress is slightly more responsive and contouring than the Leesa.

The normal foam is used for the other two layers, which total three:

Hyper-Elastic Polymer – Originally used in cushioning products such as chairs, hospital beds, and toy balls. Hyper-Elastic Polymer is a grid-like structure with walls that respond to pressure. For contouring, the individual walls will collapse around your hips and shoulders. However, they will remain upright in low-pressure areas such as your lower back and lower body for support and alignment.

Transitional Polyurethane foam – The 3.5-inch foam provides compression support to ensure you don’t sink too deep.

The foundational polyurethane foam – This layer is 4 inches high and forms the bottom layer of the mattress. This layer provides extra support for heavier people and helps keep the mattress in good shape for many years.

Construction-wise, the battle between purple and Leesa is a draw. Purple boasts its polymer. The mattress’s downside is that it uses polyurethane foam, the cheapest and most expensive type of foam.

On the other side, Leesa does not have any super-elastic polymer but uses high-quality foam for all layers.

Firmness Comparison

An essential part of deciding upon a mattress is determining what firmness level will probably be ideal for you since this may largely dictate how comfortable you’re about the mattress. Comfort, however, is subjective because the firmness level which you find ideal may be too hard or too soft for somebody else.

When there are conditions such as plush and medium firm, which utilize all of the time to spell out mattresses, it can be tough to precisely understand what these imply or if different companies use different terminologies to describe their firmness. That is why we utilize a scale of 1-10 for mattress firmness.

With this scale, one is the lightest that any mattress may be, and a ten is the toughest. The hottest firmness level is moderate (5-7), but it is possible to discover mattresses on the market in virtually all areas of the firmness scale, stores 1 and 10, which are inclined to be too much into the extreme.

The Leesa and Purple are equally medium-firm mattresses that match this popular firmness range. But, more significantly, the Purple is approximately six, whereas the Leesa is 6-7. As this implies, the Leesa is generally thought of as practically the same but maybe marginally more firm.

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Additional Factors to Consider

Leesa vs Purple Mattress - Other Factors To Consider (1)

Assessing mattresses can be overpowering for shoppers occasionally. Marketing buzzwords, exceptional features of a mattress lineup, bundles and deals, and much more can all function as distractions for clients hoping to buy a mattress. In addition to this, each sleeper has different personal requirements from a mattress.

These qualities of mattresses must be known and prioritized to assist shoppers in narrowing their mattress hunt and getting the ideal fit. In addition, these elements help shoppers assess how comfy the mattress will be to them and whether it can suit their unique needs.


A lasting mattress provides consistent support for several decades. Unfortunately, the durable a mattress is, the more prone it’s to sagging. This makes it less supportive as time passes. A high-quality mattress is frequently an investment for shoppers; however, there’s less chance it will have to be replaced in a brief period.

The quality of materials used and the general construction contribute to the sturdiness of a mattress. High-density foam, natural substances, and tempered steel coils are all considered exceptionally durable.

Motion Isolation

Sleepers who discuss the mattress are not inclined to feel that their spouse toss and turn through the night when the mattress isolates movement. This is because comfort layers absorb the majority of the strain from moves. In addition, materials that are slow to go back to their original shape when pressure is removed help prevent movement transfer.

Memory foam is particularly admired because of its movement isolating properties. Coils are a lot bouncier and tend to take movements from 1 side of the mattress to another. Motion transfer is often counter in hybrids by encasing the coils in fabric and enclosing the support center with foam layers.


A mattress conducive to gender will ease movement and make it simple for consumers to change positions as required. Hybrid and latex mattresses typically have loads of rebound, which prevents the sensation of being trapped in the mattress.

Foam comfort layers may provide grip, but should they sink too deeply can impair movement. Shoppers also need to factor in a bed’s edge aid potency, as this decides how much useable surface place the mattress gets.

Temperature Neutrality

A mattress that regulates temperature and keeps a temperature-neutral texture can provide relaxation for sleepers. However, some substances retain heat, while some dissipate it. Classic memory foam conforms carefully and lessens the total amount of airflow around the entire body. Still, the memory foam infused with gel, aluminum, or graphite, offsets warmth retention to a particular degree.

Latex and hybrid mattresses are far breathable and are often favored by hot sleepers. However, shoppers need to consider the climate they live in, their tastes, and whether they sleep hot before settling on a mattress kind.

Pressure Relief

By adapting to the form of the human body, mattresses disperse weight evenly and alleviate pressure. In addition, cushioning pressure factors, which are very likely to grow in the shoulders and shoulders, can help lessen chronic pains and aches.

Many sleepers will need a mattress that alleviates stress, but side sleepers and people with sharp pressure points are likely to want extra lubrication. Memory foam usually provides the deepest conforming, but latex also supplies a fantastic quantity of pressure relief.


As a mattress airs out, it could release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are liable for a “brand new mattress odor.” This is not uncommon with the bed at a box mattresses, on account of the production and packaging processes. However, when the mattress expands, any first odor should dissipate within a few days.

Maintaining the bedroom well-ventilated since the mattress overlooks can help dissipate any off-gassing. In addition, CertiPUR-US accredited mattresses are low in VOCs, as are mattresses made out of organic and natural materials.

Ease of Movement

When a mattress springs back to shape when stress is eliminated, it’s usually easy to maneuver on. In addition, a buoyant comfort system helps blend sleepers change positions during the evening. Latex is particularly springy, and hybrid mattresses have coils that include rebound for ease of motion. Memory foam may provide traction for changing positions, but it can also feel prohibitive if it’s too soft or adapting.

Edge Support

Edge support ensures stability and support around the outside of the mattress. In addition, it gives sleepers more surface space, as they believe precisely as encouraged to sleep close to the border as they do in the middle of the mattress

A fortified perimeter helps prevent sagging across the edges with time. The rugged edge support can be utilized in a hybrid mattress with fortified perimeters but is generally lacking in foam versions that compress easily.

Sizing & Price Comparisons

Mattress Size  Leesa Price Purple Price
Twin $799 $599
Twin XL $849 $799
Full $999 $999
Queen $1,099 $1,149
King $1,299 $1,449
Split King N/A $1,598
Cal King $1,299 $1,449

Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns
Shipping and Returns

Leesa Mattress

Leesa ships their mattresses for free to all 50 states. For an additional fee, you can pick white glove shipping. With this service, staff sets up your brand new mattress and disposes of your older one.

As soon as you get your next mattress, you get a 100-night trial period during which you’ll be able to determine if you would like to maintain the Leesa. After that, Leesa accepts returns following a 30-day modification interval. Should you return your mattress, Leesa problems a full refund.

Leesa mattresses include a 10-year guarantee-the most frequent mattress guarantee. In this period, Leesa will fix or replace your mattress if there is a defect in workmanship or materials.

Purple Mattress

Purple mattresses ship at no cost within the continental U.S., with transport available for a fee for Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. After your new mattress arrives, you get a 100-night sleep trial to be sure it’s the correct mattress for you. If following the 21-day waiting period, you choose to return your Purple bed; Purple provides a 100 percent refund following the yield process is complete.

Each Purple mattress is accompanied by an industry-standard 10-year warranty which covers defects in workmanship and materials.

Who’s the Leesa Mattress Best For?

Individuals who share the mattress: Leesa’s three layers of memory isolate movement; therefore, couples and people who sleep with pets or children do not wake up if their sleeping spouse goes.

Each sleeping position: The Leesa includes a universal medium-firm sense that attracts the cushioning side sleepers want as well as the contouring support favored by back and stomach sleepers. This mattress also functions as a mattress for mixed sleepers due to some responsive foam coating and the fact that it can encourage all sleeping positions.

Foam mattress fans: The Leesa includes a snuggly texture and gently enveloping surface; therefore, it is ideal for men and women who enjoy the hugging sense of memory foam.

Not Greatest For…

Heavier individuals: Larger bodies need more support and durable foams to minimize sagging skin and encourage healthy spine recovery. The Leesa does not have durable innerspring coils, nor are its relaxation layers assembled with the requirements of heavier people in your mind. For more body-inclusive possibilities, see the top mattresses for significant men and women.

Hot sleepers: All-foam beds do not often sleep as trendy as innerspring or hybrid mattresses. While Leesa takes measures to encourage temperature neutrality, this mattress is not likely to be trendy enough for men and women that struggle to keep cool on the typical mattress.

Innerspring mattress lovers: Would you enjoy the springy feel of classic mattresses? If that’s the case, you’re better off searching for a bed with innerspring coils.

Who’s the Purple Mattress Best For?

Who's the Purple Mattress Best For?
Who’s the Purple Mattress Best For?

Backside sleepers: The Purple Grid buckles at deeper body components in a means that provides great body alignment for the back and side sleepers. For comparable possibilities, see the top mattresses for back sleepers.

Hot sleepers: The best gel grid has over 1,800 air stations which encourage breathability across the Purple’s surface. This deficiency of warmth retention is excellent for those that frequently wake up hot or sweaty.

Individuals with back pain or body aches: The Purple’s specific surface enables you to feel as though you’re weightless. Even weight reduction means less pain in stress points and healthy spinal alignment, which may help alleviate aches and pains.

Not Greatest For…

Individuals that wish to be hugged by their mattress: While Purple does supply pressure-relieving contouring, it doesn’t do this by gently enveloping your system. If you enjoy the conventional memory foam texture, this might not be the ideal mattress for you.

Plus-size individuals: The top layer of this Purple mattress is only 2″ thick. Individuals who weigh more than 230 pounds are more likely to sink through this coating, alerting the pressure-relieving advantages. Alternatively, you might find greater stress as your shoulders and hips create contact with all the firmer support foam layers beneath.

Innerspring mattress lovers: The Purple mattress does not have the springy sense of a coil mattress.


With specialization foams that provide comfort, support, and rebound, Leesa and Purple are enormous disruptions in the mattress industry. Of course, each mattress has advantages and flaws, but these are just two great choices to consider on balance. Selecting the proper mattress comes down to personal taste.

We hope you found this guide helpful for you to find the best mattress between them. Thank you for choosing to spend time together with Nousdecor. We appreciate your support.


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