Best Coffee table for babies, prioritizing baby-proofing and protection cover round edge are crucial. Rounded edges and childproof locks ensure a secure environment. Functionality is key, with a spacious tabletop and built-in storage for organized toy storage. Durability and simple table decor are essential, with materials like solid wood or child-safe plastics offering long-lasting use. Easy-to-clean surfaces that handle spills and messes are also important.

Opting for stylish kid-friendly options such as color glass, acrylic, marble, wood, or ottoman can enhance the overall funky aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from experts like Emily Henderson for table decor ideas can help create an appealing look.

11 Best Coffee Table for Babies in Living Room Furniture

Look for tables with a spacious tabletop and built-in storage for organization, and prioritize durability with materials like wood or child-safe plastics.

For style, options like glass, acrylic, or marble coffee tables can add elegance. Draw inspiration from experts like Emily Henderson for table decor ideas, and opt for versatile options like round or ottoman coffee tables. Complement the coffee table with end tables and other furniture pieces for added functionality and style. Let’s together 11 top coffee tables for babies that combine safety, functionality, and design ideas from Nousdecor provide below:

Vintage Teak Coffee Tables

An unpretentious vintage table is a great way to get high quality at an affordable price. Some of my usual keywords on Etsy are “Danish” and “Teak.” This example with rounded corners is an absolute eye-catcher for me.

Vintage Teak Coffee Tables Kid Friendly


  • Width: 49.625 inches
  • Depth: 49.625 inches
  • Height: 15.75 inches
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Shape: Square

Material: Teak


  • Crafted from solid first-quality teak (Tectona grandis), known for its durability and weatherproof qualities.
  • High oil and rubber content in teak wood provides natural barriers against the elements.
  • Solid teak construction with mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel fittings.
  • Color varies from blond to amber and brown; weathers to silvery gray if untreated.
  • No preservatives are needed; various care and treatment products are available for different aesthetic options.

Shipping Information:

  • Generally shipped flat-packed.
  • Standard (UPS, FedEx, or Motor Freight) and assembled delivery options are available.
  • Warranty: Comprehensive returns and warranty policy provided

Buy it here: Vintage Teak Coffee Tables, prices vary depending on Etsy

Bungalow 5 Parsons Grasscloth Couchtisch

“I love the unexpected blue tone of this Bungalow 5 grasscloth coffee table, which would add a unique sensibility to any living room,” says Wagner. “Thanks to its robust construction, it can withstand even the bravest little climbers.”

Bungalow 5 Parsons Grasscloth Couchtisch Kid-Friendly

Materials: Textured Lacquered Grasscloth


  • Length: 48.5 inches
  • Width: 28.5 inches
  • Height: 17.5 inches


  • Availability: In stock
  • Shipping & Returns:
  • The estimated ship date is 60 days.
  • Free shipping.
  • In stock and ready to ship.
  • Returns must be made within 14 days.
  • Crafted in textured grasscloth in a classic parsons shape.
  • Combines architectural structure with natural texture.
  • The sleek, rectangular design makes a striking statement in living rooms or offices.

Buy it here: Bungalow 5 Parsons Grasscloth Coffee Table, $1,008 from Kathy Kuo Home

Peekaboo Coffee Table Made of Acrylic

To my surprise, several parents spoke up and said they love their Lucite tables. Catherine, a mom from Philadelphia, wrote to me: “This coffee table is the perfect height and size for activities, games, and appetizers. It is easy to clean and durable. It even served as a stage, but it bends under the weight of children over four.”

Peekaboo Coffee Table Made of Acrylic Kid-Friendly


  • The transparent surface that floats in the room without taking up permanent visual residency.
  • Made of thick half-inch molded acrylic, adding a clean, modern edge.
  • Visually unobtrusive and stylish design.

Material: 5″ thick molded acrylic

Care Instructions:

  • Clean with mild soap and water.
  • Dry with a soft cloth.
  • Manufacturing Location: Made in Taiwan

Shipping Information:

  • Specific shipping details are not available.
  • CB2 typically ships in-stock furniture in 1 to 3 business days, plus 1 to 2 weeks for delivery on larger items.

Buy it here: Peekaboo Acrylic Coffee Table, $299 from CB2

Blake Square Coffee Table

“The Blake coffee table is the perfect option for families with children,” says Arthur. “t adds texture to the room and is covered in five coats of spill and mark-proof clear coat!

Blake Square Coffee Table Kid-Friendly
  • Dimensions: Measuring 47.00″W x 47.00″D x 15.50″H, this square table is sizable enough to fill the space in your living room, providing a substantial surface area without overwhelming the room.
  • Material: Crafted from solid hardwood and engineered wood, this table is hand-wrapped in woven raffia, showcasing a unique wood grain that adds a touch of natural beauty to any setting. Its sturdy construction ensures it’s sturdy enough for everyday use, even in households with little ones.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: The Blake Square Coffee Table is designed with family in mind. Its rounded edges and lack of sharp corners make it a safe coffee table for homes with children. The table’s surface is durable and easy to clean, making it one of the best kid-friendly coffee tables on the market.
  • Buy it here: Blake Square Coffee Table in Natural, $1,998 from Serena & Lily

Thomas Bina Olivia coffee table

“I like this particular table, not only because it is rounded, but also because it is stable and unlikely to tip over,” says Sullivan. She also says it has held up well to wear and tear from her three children.

Thomas Bina Olivia coffee table kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: The specific measurements of the table are not provided, but its oval shape and balanced proportions make it suitable for various living spaces, from compact to expansive.
  • Material: Modern steel base provides stability and contributes to the table’s contemporary aesthetic. Reclaimed French Oak Shelf adds rustic elegance and is ideal for displaying items. Lacquered top ensures durability and a refined finish, ideal for achieving a minimalist look.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: Rounded edges oval design naturally includes reducing the risk of injuries common with sharp corners. Sturdy construction robust steel base and solid wood shelf ensure the table remains stable, even in the presence of active children. Easy-to-Clean surface the lacquered top is easy to wipe clean, making it practical for households with kids.
  • Buy it here: Thomas Bina Olivia Coffee Table, $1,750 from Gracious Style

Made Goods Hudson coffee table

“I love the soft edges and cool texture of this Made Goods coffee table,” says Morgan Farrow, principal of Morgan Farrow Interiors in Dallas. “The rounded corners make it a safe way to avoid impacts.”

Made Goods Hudson coffee table  kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: The table measures 47.00 inches in width (W), 47.00 inches in depth (D), and 15.50 inches in height (H). This size makes it a prominent piece suitable for a variety of living room sizes.
  • Material: Constructed from solid hardwood and engineered wood, ensuring durability and stability. The surface is hand-wrapped in woven raffia, adding a unique texture and visual interest. The color of table is available in a fog color, a versatile shade that complements various interior color schemes.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: The table’s height and solid build make it accessible and safe for children. Its material and finish are chosen for durability and ease of cleaning, a practical choice for families. The woven raffia wrapping provides a softer texture compared to hard, glossy surfaces, making it safer for children.
  • Buy it here: Made Goods Hudson Coffee Table, price upon request at made goods

Blu Dot Strut coffee table

Years ago, stylist Hilary Robertson suggested Blu Dot’s Strut coffee table for a story we produced about long-lasting decor.

Blu Dot Strut coffee table  kid-friendly
  • Design and Structure: The Strut Coffee Table is celebrated for its integrated design and structure, characterized by a bold, confident stance that makes it an ideal centerpiece for gatherings. It features a strong, powder-coated steel frame, adding to its durability and visual appeal. The table is finished with a polyurethane coat over an MDF top, ensuring both durability and a sleek appearance.
  • Dimensions: Specific dimensions are not provided, but its design suggests a substantial presence suitable for various zones.
  • Material: The table top is made of a wood substrate coated in lacquer, topped with a glossy polyurethane finish for a refined and durable surface. The legs are crafted from powder-coated steel, offering stability and a modern aesthetic. The materials used indicate a focus on both durability and style.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: The design of the table, with its sturdy steel frame and durable top, suggests a robust build that can withstand the rigors of a family-oriented environment. The smooth finish and materials used may be easier to clean and maintain, a practical aspect for homes with children.
  • Buy it here: Blu Dot Strut Coffee Table, $549 from Blu Dot

IKEA Stockholm table

There’s a perfect IKEA table selection of expensive coffee tables IKEA sells: It’s built to last. The oval shape is child-friendly and promotes flow in your living room.

IKEA Stockholm table kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: The coffee table measures 70 7/8 inches in length, 23 1/4 inches in width, and stands at a height of 15 3/4 inches.
  • Material: The coffee table’s top is crafted from fiberboard and walnut veneer, enhanced with a clear acrylic lacquer, paper foil, and stain for durability and aesthetic appeal. Its legs are made of solid walnut, and also finished with a clear acrylic lacquer for a polished look. Consider specifying which parts of the coffee table are made with the different materials listed. For example, clarify if the fiberboard and walnut veneer are used only for the top or for other parts as well.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: The coffee table’s design is ideal for family homes, boasting a sturdy construction that ensures durability and safety. Its smooth surface and meticulously crafted rounded edges minimize the risk of accidents, making it a safe choice for households with children. This thoughtful design combines practicality and safety, catering to the needs of a family-oriented environment.
    Buy it here: Stockholm table, $249 from IKEA

Triangular acacia wood nesting table from Stiles

“Nestaging tables give you the best of both worlds,” says Lynch. “You can have a low shelf for a drink and just put it away when not in use.

Triangular acacia wood nesting table from Stiles kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: The table’s design includes a distinctively shaped rounded triangle top, perfectly sized to complement and nest seamlessly with its counterpart tables in the collection. While its precise dimensions are not specified, this design ensures it’s proportionally ideal for both standalone use and as part of a nested set.
  • Material: The table’s top is crafted from faux shagreen, skillfully imitating the luxurious texture of vintage stingray leather for an elegant look. Its durability is complemented by slim iron legs, which are both sturdy and stylish, each leg culminating in a distinctive circular foot.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: Featuring rounded edges, the table offers a safer design for homes with children, reducing the risk of sharp corners. Additionally, its faux shagreen surface is not only durable but also easy to clean, enhancing the table’s appeal for family-friendly environments.
  • This rounded triangle nesting table from the Stiles collection offers a blend of stylish design, child-friendly features, and versatile use, making it a unique addition to any zone.
  • Buy it here: Stiles Acacia Triangle Nesting Table, $210 from Crate & Barrel

Padded ottoman with storage space

When my friend Melissa was looking for a baby-friendly option for her apartment, a designer brought West Elm’s upholstered storage ottomans to her attention. “It has soft sides and is easy to move around the room without the risk of my baby crawling under it,” she told me. “I’m loving it so far!”

Padded ottoman with storage space kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: This elegantly designed product, measuring 41 inches wide, 29.5 inches deep, and 18.5 inches tall, offers a sizable and chic addition to any room. It features a large storage space, 38.5 inches wide, 23.5 inches deep, and 9.5 inches high, atop stable, 2-inch high legs. With a weight of 62 pounds, it showcases its durability and quality build.
  • Material: This product is meticulously crafted with an engineered wood frame, which has been kiln-dried to enhance its durability, ensuring it remains robust and stable over time. The use of kiln-drying in the wood treatment process significantly reduces the moisture content, thereby minimizing the risk of warping and shrinking and maintaining the frame’s integrity even under varying environmental conditions.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: This product, while not explicitly labeled as childproof, offers several features that make it suitable and beneficial for households with children. Its engineered wood frame is robust and stable, ensuring it can withstand the energetic activities of kids. The foam padded seat is not only comfortable but also safe for children, as it minimizes the risk of injury from sharp edges.
  • Buy it here: Upholstered Storage Stool, $449-$649 from West Elm

Coffee table with drum storage

“Storage, storage, storage, there never seems to be enough,” says Galvao. “You can hide toys in there if necessary.”

Coffee table with drum storage kid-friendly
  • Dimensions: This product features a well-proportioned design with an overall size of 36 inches in diameter and 16.5 inches in height, along with an interior storage space measuring 35 inches in diameter and 12.2 inches in height. Despite its spacious design, the product maintains a manageable weight of 80 pounds, blending functionality with ease of handling.
  • Material: This product offers three sophisticated finishes: Cool Walnut with walnut veneer, Washed Oak with white oak veneer, and Winter Wood with ash veneer, all over strong engineered wood. Its interior is built with durable solid mahogany wood, and all wood is kiln-dried for added strength. Additionally, the wood comes from FSC®-certified forests, ensuring eco-friendly and responsible sourcing.
  • Child Proof and Kid Friendly: While this product does not explicitly list baby-proofing features, its robust construction with kiln-dried wood makes it a safer choice for families. The absence of sharp edges, combined with its sturdy wood coffee table design and leather ottoman options, aligns well with table ideas that are great for kids, offering a traditional coffee table feel without compromising on child safety.
  • Buy it here: Drum Storage Coffee Table, $599 from West Elm

Kid-friendly coffee tables with storage

Kid-friendly round-storage coffee tables combine functional design and versatility to meet the needs of both children and parents.

  • These tables feature safety measures such as rounded edges and sturdy construction, ensuring a secure environment for children to play around.
  • With their ample storage space, these coffee tables provide a convenient solution for keeping toys, books, and other children’s items organized and within easy reach.
  • The durable materials used in their construction guarantee long-lasting use, even in the face of energetic play.
  • Stylish designs complement modern area, adding a touch of elegance to the room while still maintaining their kid-friendly functionality.
  • Kid-friendly coffee tables with storage maximize room functionality by optimizing space, allowing for additional storage or acting as a surface for various activities.
  • Easy maintenance features simplify cleaning and upkeep, making them a practical choice for busy parents

What are the best materials for a kid-friendly coffee table?

When considering the best materials for a kid-friendly coffee table, several factors come into play. Durability is a crucial aspect as it ensures the table can withstand the wear and tear of children’s activities.

Sturdy materials, such as solid wood or metal, provide a reliable foundation for a long-lasting coffee table.

Another important consideration is safety, and non-toxic materials like BPA-free plastics or lead-free paints are essential to create a child-safe environment.

Additionally, ease of maintenance is a key factor, with materials that are stain-resistant and easy to clean being preferred.

Versatility is also valuable, as a coffee table that can serve multiple purposes, such as being storage-friendly, adds to its functionality.

In summary, the best materials for a kid-friendly coffee table include durable and sturdy options, non-toxic and safe materials, and those that offer ease of maintenance and versatility to accommodate the needs of both children and their parents.

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