How To Wash Sofa Pillows? Keep reading our following article for washing throw pillows by hand and machine.

If you’re like most people, then you might be asking yourself if you may wash your throw cushions, such as the stunning ones decorating your mattress, in addition to your favorite ones, which are inhabiting your living room sofa.

We love our soft and cozy, brightly colored, space fitting, and oh-so frou-frou decorative cushions, but we know they can all probably use a fantastic cleaning. You will be happy to know that washing these cushions is something you can do in your home to liven up your décor and provide fresh life to your favorite accessories.

If you are thinking about washing luxury cushions from the bedroom or the way to wash your dingy couch cushions, our Guide of washing throw pillows is here to assist!

How to Wash Throw Pillows by Hand?

How to Wash Throw Pillows by Hand

Before we show you the best way to wash your throw cushions, you must first identify which kind of substance your pillows are made from. Some cushions can be washed in the washing machine while the decorative ones are hand-wash only. Silk and wool, by way of instance, are delicate fabrics which may only be dry cleaned.

Those created with washable substances will keep their original form and fashion when washing daily. For maximum durability, constantly eliminate their covers and clean them (we will explain the cleaning Pillow Covers method a bit later).

To clean your own favorite throw pillows by hand, you’ll need the following:

  • Hot water
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • A bathtub or a large basin
  • Gloves
  • An old toothbrush or a scrubbing brush
  • Clean sheet
  • Mild detergent or soap
  • Cloth towels

Step 1. When you’ve gathered all of your cleaning tools, then remove the covers out of your throw cushions and vacuum them to get rid of any surface debris, hair, or dust in the pillow.

Step 2. Now fill out the bathtub or basin with hot water and then include the light detergent or soap. Ensure that you combine the cleanup solution entirely from the water to make bubbles. Caution: protect your hands from hot, warm water by wearing rubber gloves. Push the cushions to the bathtub till they are submerged in the soap.

Step 3. Keep submerging the cushions from the water for as many as six days till they are soaked.

Step 4. Take an old toothbrush scrub brush and lightly scrub the whole surface of the pillow with circular movement. Concentrate on the areas with visible stains by including just a tiny force.

Step 5. After scrubbing the pillow, submerge it in the sterile water once more.

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to all the additional cushions.

Step 7. Now eliminate the cushions in the sterile water. Set them onto a clean sheet and then drain the bathtub water.

Step 8. Refill the bathtub with hot water and provide the cushions a complete rinse until all of the cleaning solutions is cleaned from these. You can accomplish so by pushing the cushions in and from the wash water but keep in mind to keep your rubber gloves.

Step 9. To squeeze all of the water from your cushions, wrap a cloth towel and twist them on the sink.

Step 10. Use a dry cloth towel for every cushion. After this step has finished, the preferred method for drying throw pillows is to hang dry or place them in the tumble drier, based upon their maintenance directions.

Step 11. While you are waiting for your cushions to dry, it is time to scrub throw pillow covers. The following section will describe how to achieve this based on the specific fabric kind of your pillow cover.

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Cleaning throw pillows tips

Cleaning throw pillows
Cleaning throw pillows

Read the Care Label for Education – The simplest way to ascertain how to wash the throw cushions in your home is to confirm the manufacturer’s care label. Your decorative cushions may involve dry cleaning, hand washing with a mild detergent, or stain cleaning.

If the tag doesn’t describe how to scrub your decorative cushions, discover the kind of fabric the cushions are constructed of and follow directions about properly cleaning said fabric.

Position Test the Fabric to Security – it’s always a fantastic idea to do a spot test in your pillow or pillowcase before cleaning using a compound product. This may be accomplished using a white towel along with an approved cleaner option for the kind of fabric you’re cleaning.

Blot the white towel cleaner on the pillow using a little pressure for 30 minutes. After that, assess the towel for any move of color by the pillow. Permit your pillow cover dry, and then check again for any fading or discoloration.

Sponge Cleaning Works Wonders – Many throw cushions that cannot be easily tossed in the washing machine can gain from a mild sponge cleaning. Just find yourself a fantastic upholstery shampoo and sponge and begin by running the cleaner in the cushions to eliminate stains.

Use a circular motion and make sure you wash out the trim decorations and other accents on the decorative pillows. After completed, blot the stains using a clean white towel till nearly dry.

Eliminate Foam Pillow Inserts – Lots of throw pillows these days are produced from a sheet of foam. In case you have foam add cushions, these can’t be appropriately cleaned in the washing machine. As soon as you eliminate the pillow cover, set the foam to add a large sink or tub full of warm water and a small number of mild detergents. Wash out the foam thoroughly, rinse gently, squeeze out excess water, and leave to air dry.

Dry Clean Only – If your decorative cushions indicate they ought to be dry cleaned, then you may find this tip helpful. Dip a clean and sterile sponge into a dry-cleaning alternative for fabric. Use a circular motion to clean the pillow. After done, blot with a clean white towel to soak up excess moisture.

Look closely at Specific Fabrics: Pillow covers made from fabrics such as suede, leather, silk, or wool can’t be cleaned using water.

How To Wash A Throw Pillow Insert In The Washing Machine

How To Wash A Throw Pillow Insert In The Washing Machine

Eliminate pillow sham, pillowcase, or cover out of your pillow. These covers will probably be cleaned separately from the actual cushion and may be appropriately cared for based on our Tips for Cleaning Decorative Pillows segment.

Pre-treat any cushion stains at this time by employing a cleaning solution using a sponge.

A front-loading washing machine with no agitator works best to wash cushion inserts. Use warm water on a delicate cycle and decide on a mild detergent for best results. If you have to use a washing machine with an agitator, carefully set the cushions on every side of the washing machine to balance the load and use an extremely gentle cycle.

When the cushion inserts are cleaned, hang to dry at a well-ventilated area until they are dry around 75% tender.

If the cushions are nearly dry, you may then repaint them in the dryer. It’s ideal to do this with a ‘no heat’ setting to find the very best outcomes. Adding a few dryer chunks is also an excellent idea to help reshape the cushions and make them new.


Can you wash pillows with stuffing?

Can you wash pillows with stuffing?
Can you wash pillows with stuffing?

No, you should not wash pillows with stuffing inside. Pillows and stuffing should not be washed together because they can become lumpy and misshapen. If you want to wash the pillow cover only, it should be removed from the pillow first. Pillowcases can be machine-washed in cold water on a gentle cycle.

How do you wash couch pillows without removable covers?

Couch pillows without removable covers can be difficult to clean. If they have a removable pillowcase, wash them in a gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. Otherwise, take the pillow outside and spray it with a hose or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the crumbs. Take the pillow outside and spray it with a hose or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the crumbs.

How do you wash oversized couch pillows?

Oversized couch pillows, with a deep layer of stuffing, can be a bit tricky to clean. A good rule of thumb is to separate the pillow into its components and clean each one with a different type of cleaner, so they dry at the same time. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dirt from the creases in the cover.

How Frequently Should You clean Throw Pillows?

Washing your decorative cushions regularly should be a part of your regular cleaning. After all, these accent pillows are critical elements of any interior layout and look fabulous in living rooms and bedrooms. As a guideline, wash your toss cushions, including their cover, at least once every month.

The filling within the pillow also has to be cleaned another month. But when you’ve got pets that sit in your throw cushions, you need to wash them every two months to keep them in prime shape.

How to maintain one’s throw pillows cleaner longer?

It is also possible to maintain your throw cushions cleaner for more. Put your throw cushions from the reach of pets and children. Do not let them lie on the floor.

When getting into bed at night, set them in a fresh jar, do not throw them onto the ground. At length, a small pruning and vacuuming of these cushions go a very long way to keep them fresh and clean.

Read also:

How to spot cleaning non-washable pillows?

How to spot cleaning non-washable pillows?
How to spot cleaning non-washable pillows?

Some throw pillows are made of washable fabric and filled with non-machine washable stuffing. If you have any stains or dirt on the pillow’s surface, it is best to clean them immediately. If the stains and odors are deeper, you can take the pillow to a dry cleaning service or replace it entirely.

Spot clean pillows with a good upholstery cleaner. Use a sponge to gently rub any dirt or stains off the pillow’s surface. The sponge can be rinsed and used to gently ‘rinse’ any soap residue from the pillow’s surface.


There you have it, a step-by-step tutorial about the best way best to wash throw cushions. Please be aware; not all cushions can be washed. A good illustration of this pillow is buckwheat (Sobakawa). Wearing this pillow could induce it to get soggy and reduce its sleep advantages.

If you have to wash it, then take its contents out and then store it in a container, then wash out the cover and add the contents back after the cover is still dry.

One other important consideration is decorated throw cushions. This kind prevents machine washing and washing by hand with a scrubbing brush to get all of the dirt out. Then, sunlight or air dry them.

As you may see, cleaning your toss cushions is simple, particularly when done correctly. Go on and have them cleaned.


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