In case you’ve got a leather sofa that’s seen better days, with ripped or worn seat cushions and arms, you might want you could manage a brand new one; however, reupholstering the sofa yourself is probably easier than you imagine. Whether you’re upholstering leather or another fabric, the procedure is exactly the same.

If you’ve ever given any thought to reupholstering your own sofa, use these few simple steps to learn how to reupholster a leather sofa.

How To Reupholster A Leather Sofa?

Steps to Reupholster a Leather Sofa

Things you will need:

  • Sofa or armchair
  • Leather or Fabric
  • Flat nose screwdriver
  • Staple Gun and Staples
  • Heavy Duty Scissors
  • Chalk (optional).
  • Needle and thread, or sewing machine

1. Remove existing fabric

First, Remove the current old leather upholstery of the sofa. This is easier if you have a slipcover. However, if your sofa has an upholstered cover, you will need the old leather to be removed by flipping the sofa and carefully removing any staples.

The easiest and strongest way to remove all the staples is with a flat-head screwdriver. After all, staples have been removed; it should be simple to pull the leather or fabric out. To separate the fabric from the chair, I recommend using a seam-ripper if parts of the chair are sewn together.

You will use the fabric as a template, so it is essential not to rip the fabric. Each section of fabric should be removed one at a time.

2. Start to create your new template

You will need to lay your new leather on the ground and then use the old sofa cover as a template to cut the fabric. This can be done by placing the old cover on the new leather and attaching them with clips.

Depending on your confidence level with scissors, you have two options: trace the pattern using chalk, cut the leather material according to the size of the seat cushions, or go directly along with the pattern. You should also allow for a seam allowance of 2.5 cm / 1 in.

3. Attach the leather to the bottom part of the sofa frame

Attach the leather to the bottom part of the sofa frame
Attach the leather to the bottom part of the sofa frame

Once you have your new leather cut out, you can use the staple gun to get to work. Begin by aligning the leather on the back of your sofa and then stapling from underneath. You don’t want any excess leather.

You can replace the padding on your sofa at this stage if it is worn or no longer provides enough support.

4. Put the fabric in the sofa frame.

Once you’ve walked across the back of the sofa, you should pull the leather up over the front and find areas where you can attach the leather.

Follow the creases on your sofa to insert the extra leather fabric. You can grab it from the back and staple it onto the frame.

5. Finally, pull the leather taut around the edges.

After securing the leather to your frame, it is time to attach the cover to the front. Smoothen all edges and tie the fabric to the sofa’s underside.

You should align the leather to match the old seams and ensure that no staples are visible.

6. Create cushion covers

You can make slipcovers by using leather. These pieces will need to be sewn together. Slipcovers can be sewn by hand or using a sewing machine.

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How to Reupholster a Leather Couch with Attached Cushions?

How to Reupholster a Leather Couch with Attached Cushions?
How to Reupholster a Leather Couch with Attached Cushions?
  • Take out the leather material you are using and calculate the amount of leather you will need to cover it.
  • Spread the upholstery on the sofa, and then tuck it in the space between the attached cushions and the back.
  • Before you attach the leather fabric to the wood frame, stretch it.
  • The sofa’s arms, back, and front should be reupholstered onto the frame
  • For a neat finish, glue the leather to the frame base. Then cut any excess.


FAQs about Reupholstering A Leather Sofa (1)

Is it better to reupholster a sofa or buy a new sofa?

When reupholstering sofas, the first thing to do is evaluate the space where they will be placed. This will allow you to determine if the sofa should be reupholstered. Do you want to alter the fabric on your sofa but still love how it looks? Reupholstering is an option.

Reupholstering is also an option if the cushions aren’t as supportive as they should be. Reupholstery is a great way to obtain a firmer foam and keep your current couch. Reupholstery can be an excellent way for your sofa to stay the same with new fabric or cushion foam.

What is the cost of a leather sofa reupholstery?

A leather sofa can be reupholstered forb depending on its size and the type of cushion. Leather loveseats are less expensive than multi-piece sectionals. It is also essential to consider the quality of leather. The price of high-end leather is between $200 and $750 per hiding.

Leather is strong, durable, and will last for between 5 and 25 years. Fake leather can be cheaper than real leather, but it doesn’t last as long. Fake leather can delaminate and peel. It is best to consult an upholstery professional before you order leather hides for your sofa’s reupholstery. You will be able to get an estimate of the cost and the exact number of hides required to reupholster your leather sofa.

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If you’re a person who appreciates being crafty and experimentation, then you need to attempt to reupholster your sofa. If it ends up looking great, it will undoubtedly be rewarding.

Now you understand how to take action, make the look you desire using a reupholstered leather sofa. Follow us to get the next upholstery project.


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