The living room is a regular location for many households, so having stains show up on the sofa is something nobody could forecast. Accidents can occur in your house and could lead to blood stains on your sofa, it can be menstrual blood or your own children’s accidents from running around on the couch using a newly bloodied knee.

Removing blood stains on the floor is rather straightforward; however, blood stains on your sofa aren’t so simple. So How to get blood out of sofa?

Inside this guide, we’ll discuss solutions to wash blood stains from upholstery and reestablish fabrics to their original condition.

How to get blood out of sofa?

How to remove blood out of sofa

You can remove blood stains on your sofa with a few Straightforward ingredients and Normal household cleaning items, for example:

  • Fresh lemon juice and salt glue
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • White vinegar
  • Water and liquid soap alternative
  • Cornstarch and detergent adhesive

Step 1: Wipe the blood

Soak the dried-up blood stain using a moist piece of fabric. Squeeze it out to get rid of excess liquid. Then apply the towel to dab the stain until it saturates the area with plain water. This can help loosen the blot and draw the blood into the surface.

Ensure that you assess the fabric of your couch first because particular fabrics advise against using warm water whilst cleaning. If your sofa is tagged with SW and W-letter codes, then it is possible to use water. If the tag states SW and S codes, then use alcohol instead.

Step 2: Eliminate excess blood using a brush

It is possible to use a soft-bristled brush or a toothbrush to gently wash the stained area to get rid of excess blood. After brushing, wash the area with a dry cloth to eliminate what you can in this stage.

Step 3: Fixing the blood stain

At this phase, you have a couple of alternatives. The blot is wet, and we will need to get on with our aim of fully taking away the blood stain. Let us look at the listing above to choose which cleaning alternative is most suitable for you and your sofa.

Liquid water and soap solution

With this blood stain removal process, you will require a soft-bristled brush, warm water, and any liquid soap (it might be handwash or dish soap).

Begin by mixing the liquid soap with cold water. Give it a fantastic shake.

Pour enough of this solution on the moist blood stain to get rid of it.

With your gentle brush, then go on cleaning lightly; you will observe the blot disappearing you do so.

As soon as you’re satisfied that the stain is eliminated, dab it with a dry piece of cloth and leave it to dry.

Salt and lime juice glue

Salt and lime juice glue
Salt and lime juice glue

This time you will require a toothbrush, lemon, and salt, which will assist the blood stain to come off since salt particles are abrasive and have a dehydrating effect.

Make a paste of lemon and salt and use it in the stain.

With a toothbrush, rub the salt against the blood stain gently in a circular movement.

Repeat the process until the stain has come off successfully.

Scrub with your wet piece of cloth and leave it to dry.

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An undiluted white vinegar alternative

Be sure that you check if your sofa’s fabric can manage vinegar and do a spot check before you begin.

Pour white vinegar on the bloodstain allow it to soak for approximately 5-10 minutes. No scrubbing is required here; simply blotting the stain with your moist towel. You should automatically find the spots coming off. Otherwise, repeat the steps until it is clear.

Detergent, salt, and cornstarch paste

This time you are going to require a toothbrush, powder detergent, salt, and corn starch.

Spread a little powder detergent along with a pinch of salt over the wet stain, based on how large the blot is.

Add some corn starch and brush it gently with a toothbrush.

Continue wetting the region to make a thick paste as you wash and add the components before the stain is eliminated.

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Step 4: Rinse and dry the wet place on the sofa

When you’re content with the outcomes of draining the blot, blot the area with a moist towel to eliminate the extra cleaning solution. Then continue working with a sterile towel before the place is dried. You might even use a blow dryer to dry the place more quickly.

How Can You Become Dried Blood From Fabric?

Dried blood stains which are consumed deeply into the fabric sofa are more difficult to eliminate. For this reason, you’ll require an enzyme-based upholstery-safe cleaner to split the stubborn stains. An enzymatic cleaner is greater for dried-up blood since it will turn it out of water-insoluble to water-soluble, which makes it much easier to remove.

Follow the directions of the cleanser, which will typically saturate the fabric to it then blot the dried blood off. Dry the fabric with a different fabric to eliminate the residue, or use a moist cloth with cold water to wash the cleaner. In the end, permit the upholstery to dry naturally or put a fan in the area to quicken the process.

Maintaining your couch

Maintaining your couch

Place any stain and spill instantly

When food spills, you can grab the balls with a spoon. Soak the fabric with alcohol or cold water and moist the region with the solution (particularly for S-code). Then dab using a fabric until the blot vanishes.

• Once the spills are washed Straight Away, the stains will not be able to wash and place, and this means that they are easier to wash

Clean your couch regularly

Maintaining your couch can be rewarding, that is if you wash regularly. You may use a soft brush to wash out the oil and dirt in the upholstery. You may even vacuum the couch with all the upholstery attachments.

To achieve results, wash your couch every two weeks

Spray on the couch together with spray protector (upholstery)

It is possible to use a commercial fabric spay protector in your couches and other fabrics. They protect the surface from stains, making the cleaning solution simpler. To use the spray protector, do the following:

• Shake the can vigorously

• Make sure that the can is 6 inches away from the couch

• Then spray the entire surface of the couch

• Permit the spray to dry

• Then replicate.


How To Get Blood Out Of Sofa FAQs

Can Vinegar Remove Blood Stains?

It is possible to use vinegar for removing blood stains so long as it is compatible with all the substances and the stain has not been set yet. Vinegar is particularly effective on fabrics like clothes and when it has not been 24 hours since the substance is stained. Apply white vinegar right on the place, allow it to sit for 5 minutes or more, and then blot off until washing the fabric as you usually would.

If you also must remove oil stains on the sofa, vinegar is a beneficial way you may try.

Can Baking Soda Remove Blood Stains?

Baking soda can remove blood stains, particularly as a spot treatment before washing against the stained material. Create a paste of baking soda with water and then use it directly into the blood stains. Let the glue soak for 30 minutes and eliminate it before washing as usual.

Be aware that baking soda is quite helpful in cleaning your furniture. It’s possible to wash a leather sofa with baking soda too.

Is hydrogen peroxide acceptable for removing blood stains on the sofa?

Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can remove blood stains, even although it is not a good idea to use in your sofa since it may whiten your furniture. Test it on a tiny hidden place on your couch before using it as a couch cleaner.


Now you have the answers to take care of bloodstains on your sofa. Nonetheless, in the process of eliminating impurities, you have to remember carefully, the fabric and the upholstery have to be dealt with very carefully, without damaging the surface and inner structure of this substance.

Besides the blood, other body secretions may be a hassle to eliminate. Maybe your child has accidentally peed on the couch. We wrote a tutorial about the best way best to get urine smell from the sofa, so don’t hesitate to look it over.

We hope you found this helpful guide. Thank you for choosing to spend time together with We appreciate your support.


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