If you are wondering, Why does my cat pee in bed? Or, Why Does My Cat Pee On The Sofa? Then you need to read the following post.

It may be frustrating to get a cat to urinate on the sofa because cat urine has a powerful odor as it dries and becomes even more extreme as bacteria continue to grow. This may detract from the aesthetics of the luxury sofa and may even make the leather or fabric deteriorate if we mishandle the odor of urine.

Do not hurry to punish your feline buddy because she peed in your bed or couch. In most instances, this sends a signal that there’s something wrong with her, and you first have to find out exactly what it is and not rush to conclusions.

From the guide below, we will summarize a few potential reasons why your cat may begin urinating on your sofa.

Why Does My Cat Pee On The Sofa?

Why Does My Cat Pee On The Sofa (1)

Medical Problem

If your cat was using his litter box with no problems and abruptly started urinating onto your couch (or anyplace else out of the litter box), you need to begin with taking him to the vet to rule out any medical problems.

A number of the health care problems which may prevent your cat from using his litter box contain illnesses that influence a cat’s efforts to urinate, like kidney stones, urinary tract infections, as well as arthritis. These circumstances make urinating quite debilitating, and your cat could have developed a connection between his litter box and it has selected to pee beyond the box.

Other ailments that can be medical are diabetes, diabetes, kidney disease, and liver disease, leading to an increase in urination.

If your cat is elderly (11 or more years) and you also notice he’s displaying distress while trying to urinate, take him to a vet as soon as possible.

Stress Because of Changes

Stress Because of Changes
Stress Because of Changes

Perhaps you’ve introduced a brand new pet or baby in your home, maybe you’ve moved, or even a loved one has moved outside. All of these are substantial changes that will influence your cat. However, cats want that everything remains the same – they’re animals of habit. Consequently, if something has changed (even if it’s for the better), the cat may feel tremendously nervous and worried, resulting in inappropriate urination.

You may talk to a veterinarian about the choices of anti-anxiety remedies for the cat to help him through a challenging time, especially before the event happens.

The Litter Box Can be a Problem

It may also be a problem with your litter box or even the clutter itself. For example, most cats do not like litter boxes using a cover or cubes, or maybe the box is not big enough (it must be 1.5 times bigger than your cat).

At times it’s the mess that is the problem. Most cats prefer a nice or moderate clumping litter that is easiest on the paws and one that is unscented. Set up a few temporary litter boxes using different types of clutter. Your cat is going to have the chance to pick its favorite litter (then you are free to eliminate the excess boxes).

You also need to make sure you wash out the litter box regularly. You have to scoop it around once every day and give it a milder clean after a week. This is because cats have very sensitive noses, which means they may be removed by flea mess or even a litter box that is not clean, so they will choose to remove it elsewhere.

Litter Box is at an Undesirable Location

When you visit the toilet, you can have privacy and safety. Your cat enjoys these items when they visit the toilet, and they could be less likely to use the litter box when it is in a high traffic area, tucked into a crowded corner of the home, or off from the typical regions of the home your cat flap.

Your cat might begin to search for alternative regions to visit the toilet if their litter box is in a place with the way of a toaster, in a darkened room, or someplace there is not a simple escape route. But it is relatively simple to move the litter box into a more centralized location.

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Disputes with Different Animals

Disputes with Different Animals

Many cat households will have little spats and disputes from time to time, but it might result in each cat hoping to carve a little slice of land throughout your residence. Peeing is one way for the cat to mark things as theirs, particularly if they feel threatened by different creatures.

You might want to step in and slowly reintroduce the cats into one another over a few days to assist them to feel comfortable, and you’ll be able to give them the vertical distance to maintain. Furthermore, scratching posts enable your cat to smell mark areas without destroying them.

Separation Anxiety

Kitties aren’t socially solitary – they frequently form close attachments with individuals and other creatures. Sensitive kitties may get anxious if their favorite individual is off from them for an elongated period. These cats may reply to the lack by peeing on the bed or the couch that’s saturated with their scent. They are mingling their aromas with that of the beloved.

Although separation anxiety may be dreadful, there are steps you can take that will help your cat feel more secure when left alone. Included in these are someone to stay with your cat or see at least two times per day. Through their visits, they ought to socialize with her, performing tasks she loves, such as performing and possibly grooming.

Your odor can assist your kitty feeling as though she’s not been abandoned. Before leaving, put little towels and other articles of clothing that have your scent on them in sealable plastic bags – one for every day you will be away. Your cat sitter should place one fresh-scented item out daily to your cat.

Your Cat Feel Safe Up High

Consider your couches, chairs, or lounges, and consider what they have in common that excludes your cat’s litter box. The solution is height. The greater elevation in these regions gives your cat a fantastic view of the whole surrounding area, and it is tougher for whatever to sneak them up.

When your cat utilize their litter box, they are closer to the floor and much more vulnerable to some possible dangers. This may be particularly true when you have added a bigger animal to the family your cat could see as a hazard.

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How To Stop Your Cat peeing on Your Furniture?

How To Stop Your Cat By Peeing on Your Furniture

Based upon the reason, there might be some ways to prevent your cat from peeing on your couch. But Some of the broad-range options comprise:

Furniture or Couch Covers – Furniture or sofa covers include a layer of protection for your items to make it even more challenging for the cat to reach them. Moreover, the pee will soak in the couch cover rather than the couch, which is a lot easier to wash and wash.

Litter Test – If you believe that your litter is the matter, get two litter boxes and place soft clutter in a single and much more textured or rough clutter at another. See which your cat prefers, and change their principal litter for this kind.

Medical Therapy – Your vet will have the ability to prescribe the best treatment strategy if your cat has a medical dilemma that makes them inhale more. This might be anything from antibiotics to continuing measures to handle their health problem.

Litter Box Issues – You might wish to consider adding more litter boxes, even bigger litter boxes, as well as shifting out the kind of litter box to get a more open design. Then, when they don’t work out, you can wash them and drop them off at the regional humane society.

Scrub and clean the Furniture – You wish to use an enzymatic cleaner to split down the germs on your cat’s urine in your furniture to protect against a lingering odor. As soon as you wash out the area and eliminate the little, spritz citrus blossom cleaner or water to ward off your cat off since cats aren’t fond of the odor.


We recorded several reasons why your cat is peeing on the couch and just how to repair them; you should begin trying different approaches with your cat to determine which one operates.

Hopefully, this article helped you figure out why your cats pee on your couch, and your connection will improve.

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