Environmental concerns are forcing individuals to seek environmentally friendly products. From automobiles to toilets, nothing was left behind in the pursuit to preserve the surroundings. Bright toilets are among the products which have emerged in the marketplace, taking over from conventional toilets.

Bright toilets are made to conserve water and provide enough space for comfortable operations. All these wise toilets include added features that are unavailable in conventional units.

Many of the best smart toilet brands proceed beyond providing more features such as emergency rooting systems or mp3/Bluetooth capacities. These extra features may be more expensive, but they’re worth the cash.

Is a Smart Toilet a Fantastic Alternative?

Aside from the fact that smart toilet chairs are created, they are considered god’s gift to humanity and are ensured life-changers… Well yeah, there is no denying, creative toilets brought taking shit to higher heights. Let us still sift through the pro’s and con’s of the covetable article of creation so you’ll wind up better convinced that getting one is essential.

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Benefits of a Smart Toilet?

Comfort – Finally, relaxation is the best push element no more chilly nights with your hot toilet seat. No longer washing with bare palms and no longer holding the bidet. Tissuing off the filthy undesirable no longer with tissue entirely due to the creative toilet’s dryer operates.

No longer toilet struggles with your partner due to not shutting the cover. No longer opening or blinding toilet light in the middle of the night to get into the toilet… the list continues! Like just how much more relaxation in life can not you never get.

Hygiene – The no-touch hands-free features of this intelligent toilet is the bomb! Self-cleaning features, antibacterial material, hands-free clean and wash, and deodorizing functions are just heavenly for many hygiene-freaks on the market!

Health – Lesser touch to all of the dirt you become exposed to with no wise toilet reduces your exposure to illness. The heated toilet seat attribute prevents you from potential infections from the muscles, bones, and joints brought on by chilly climates…

Plus, you receive the psychological wellness from a contented spouse that does not need to shout at you for not shutting the toilet chair or flushing or anything you overlooked to perform the toilet the wise toilet is going to do to your precious! Simply precious!

Disadvantages of a Smart Toilet?

Repair Issues: Since it’s digital, then the fix isn’t quite as simple as fixing a typical toilet. A non-technical plumber might not readily mitigate this inner circuit and motor science.

Electricity Use: Contrary to your standard toilet, some power price is spent to receive a wise toilet moving. Check the voltage and wattage (2) consumption of your smart toilet selection before making any purchase.

Blackouts: When we’re back to the dark ages (pun intended), then we are back into the cold chair and guide flushing. Most of us have generator collections today, so we may also not record this as a benefit.

User-friendliness- ​a few folks prefer older adults, and kids may require a short orientation before using the wise toilet.

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What are the Features You May Find on a Smart Toilet?

Heated toilet seat this characteristic ensures you are comfy because you sit on the toilet with its heating function that is controllable and flexible based upon your taste. For an innovative guide on heated toilet seats, check this.

Bidet wash It does not just end there; this could have more features like the adjustable place, adjustable water temperature, flexible water pressure bidet for back and bidet for a female wash.

  • Air Dryer The air dryer will wash your buttocks area after washing. This feature saves you from the prices of toilet paper use.
  • Automated Introduction and Closing Cover the wise toilet finds your presence, and it’ll close and open for you.
  • Automatic flush if you are done, the wise toilet will automatically flush to you. Some versions will even determine if it will carry out a partial or full flush based upon your time on the toilet.
  • Self-cleaning attribute The bidet nozzle is cleaned with water after each use. Likewise, some toilets will flush at a predetermined moment. A few intelligent toilets utilize a protective cloth into the ceramic toilet to decrease grime and dirt stick.
  • Water-Saving Some wise toilets have choices of full-wash and partial clean to conserve water. Some intelligent toilets utilize flush water that ranges from 0.8 g per flush to 1.6 gallons per flush.
  • Anti-bacterial Some Wise toilets contain an anti-bacterial representative to the toilet material to get a more sterile experience.
  • Nightlight This Automated lighting will Provide you better toilet breaks at night because you don’t need to stumble your way to your toilet, and you do not have to switch to the blinding light when you reach the toilet.
  • Remote Control Remote controls make the controls more readily navigable and flexible. It is possible to put it in the most suitable place close to your toilet for a much more comfy toilet encounter.
  • Deodorizer Some creative toilets have an automatic deodorizer that functions every after use to remove foul odor.
  • Automated Music A few more complex smart toilets have automatic audio playing once use is detected.

Now that is one hell of a toilet if most of those are observed on your smart toilet… If you asked me yet, the one thing left to be wanted would be that silencer, haha. . Well, Mansell, turers may have the ability to read this, so you are welcome!

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Top Rated Best Smart Toilet Brands

Kohler Veil

Many smart toilets elect seat-mounted buttons or even a wireless remote, which could be carried out and frequently lost. However, the Veil differs. It utilizes a wall-mounted touchscreen LCD that controls each one of the toilet’s features. No more fishing around for a missing distance or craning your neck to observe the controller interface.

Whether you are using the toilet by day or at night, the integrated lighting system will light the way for you. LED lights placed inside the bowl produce to pleasing catechetical appearance that is not too flashy. And on the significant part, the toilet uses 1.28 GPF or 0.8 GPF, based on partial or full flush option.

Among the most significant downsides of these Kohler smart toilets is they cost as much upfront. You’ll also have to make sure your house has considerable water pressure to the Veil to operate correctly. However, you won’t find any better with that said than that in regards to the best toilet smart seat.


  • Convenient wall-mounted remote
  • Night light aids nighttime use.
  • Sleek design


  • Requires an electrical connection
  • Needs significant water pressure
  • Expensive

Toto Neorest 700H

Water efficiency is 1 area where this toilet beats the top-ranked Kohler Veil in 1.0 and 0.8 GPF. The skirted layout is accompanied by a SoftClose seat, meaning it no longer slams when you fall the lid or seat. The chair is also heated, which means you won’t receive any nasty shocks when seeing the toilet on frosty mornings.

Everything about the Neorest 700H screams advantage, together with automatic functions that are made to keep your hands free. A proximity detector mechanically lifts the lid to you on approach. Therefore there is no need to risk transference of germs. This touch-free approach can be reflected from the flush operation; it is automatic also.

On the other hand, the proximity detector could be somewhat hindered instead of aid in smaller toilet spaces. Whether you are running a bath or brushing your teeth, you might discover it triggered whenever you aren’t utilizing it. Moreover, the automated purpose lifts both the seat and lid, so feminine users might wish to believe twice before purchasing!


  • Hands-free automatic flush
  • Temperature-controlled seat
  • SoftClose seat prevents slams.


  • The proximity sensor can be annoying.
  • One function, not female-friendly
  • Pricey
Toto Neorest 700H
Toto Neorest 700H

Toto Washlet C100 Seat

Bright toilets do not necessarily need to come as a complete set occasionally, and a chair is sufficient to update your current system. The advantage is that a chair update is straightforward to set up yourself, without even calling in professionals. The Toto Washlet C100 Seat is our favorite smart chair. It does not skimp on performance, with a heated chair, deodorizer, and pre-misting work to lessen dirt adherence.

“Hang on, RAVE. Why can I buy the Toto Washlet within the runner-up Toto Neorest 700H?” You ask. Your central selling point of this Washlet is that it is a tiny fraction of the expense of a complete system. Because it ditches the bowl and tank, the Washlet delivers considerable savings over the Neorest 700H.

The only criticism we have about this chair layout is that the sliding purpose is assumed to make cleanup easier. It is lovely to have the ability to slide the seat forward to wash behind it, but this performance can produce the chair feel loose. Some Washlet clients have reported that they would like to have the ability to disable the chair warmer and possess the water jets to recall preset positions.


  • Premise function reduces grime.
  • You are easily installed by yourself.
  • Much cheaper than a full system


  • “Forgets” water jet positioning.
  • Seat warmer can’t be disabled.
  • The seat may feel loose.

Kohler Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet

The Kohler Numi 2.0 is a substantial upgrade over the initial iteration of the same product. It incorporates the crucial quality of a wise gadget: a voice helper. Equipped using Amazon Alexa, this toilet lets you control its many purposes with nothing but your voice. It is super flavorful.

However, you might not wish to utilize the voice helper or a Google Home home, which is not supported. Whatever the case, you may select to use a custom-built mobile program to restrain the toilet somewhat. And there is integrated Bluetooth audio performance, turning your toilet into a practical speaker, also.

Kohler is a significant player in the intelligent toilets arena. You have to check out the Kohler Veil. But we could not position the Numi 2.0 any higher than the fourth position due to the shortage of authentic client feedback on the internet. Even though it’s a powerful product from a trusted brand, it only does not have the same tracklisting as our higher-ranked winners.


  • Controlled with voice or app
  • Equipped with Amazon Alexa
  • Wireless Bluetooth music sync


  • Lacks extensive customer feedback
  • Doesn’t support other assistants
  • Expensive

Bio Bidet Ultimate Smart Toilet Seat

The Bio Bidet is another example of a low-price option to a whole smart toilet system. The setup of a wise chair is a simple affair. Therefore this is an excellent pick if you would like to prevent a costly plumber see. It is possible to self-install the chair on the toilet in your house, home pick if you want it enough to put in a complete system down the road.

Unlike toilets with a wireless, detached distance, the Bio Bidet controllers are connected to their chair’s side. Because of this, they’re both readily accessible and not possible to misplace around the home. Sad to say, the toilet hoses are both observable, something which detracts from the overall look of the machine.

Many clients report that they’d have enjoyed a more powerful air drying purpose, as it could take numerous applications to get dry. Concerning different negatives, we could place our finger on a single. The pressure settings to the jets have been forgotten every time you utilize the chair, which means you will want to reset them.


  • Can be self-installed
  • Easily accessible controls
  • No risk of losing the remote


  • The dryer function could be more robust.
  • Hoses remain visible
  • “Forgets” pressure settings.
Bio Bidet Ultimate Smart Toilet Seat
Bio Bidet Ultimate Smart Toilet Seat

Ove Decors Remote Controlled Smart Toilet

The Ove Decors Smart Toilet does not feature the perfect GPF score of all of the toilets we have looked at. It uses 1.6 gallons per flush and also does not offer you a partial flush operation. It makes up for this shortcoming from different regions of its design, including using an eco-friendly manner.

The energy-saving setting makes certain your water is just heated up once you sit back on the toilet. And you’ll be able to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water jets for your preference. This may be performed via an included remote or using controls mounted onto the machine’s face.

Nevertheless, the distance leaves something to be wanted, employing an obsolete and clunky layout that does not match the “smart” picture. Our only other gripe is about the setup, which may be carried out on your own, but not without any difficulty. The directions are somewhat restricted; limiting them around online will not yield any more info than you get in the box.


  • Features eco-friendly mode
  • Backlit bowl and controls
  • Pressure and temperature control


  • Not the best GPF rating
  • Outdated, clunky remote design
  • Poor installation instructions

WoodBridge T-0008 Luxury

We are lovers of any wise toilet that selects to subtly hide away the controllers onto a remote theory wall-mounted LCD. Along with also the T-0008 does precisely that, with a remote which sits at a handy holder, which you may connect to the wall socket. The hoses are not so well concealed, but they do not protrude so much as to become an eyesore.

Cleaning toilets may be a pesky job, but the quick-release feature built to the chair makes the task much more comfortable. And it would help if you did not have to frequently wash out the inner components because the nozzle is stainless steel. There is also an energy-saving detector that turns the toilet off or on as required, maintaining your energy costs down.

Nonetheless, it’s through comparisons to our high smart toilets the WoodBridge T-0008 loses a few things. The pressure generated by the built-in water jets is significantly lower than the top Toto smart toilets, and also, the chair is thinner. What is more, the flush button is not featured on the distance, which means you are going to need to flush, not quite “smart.”


  • Quick-release system for seat
  • Discreet control system
  • Energy-saving “On/Off” sensor


  • Less pressure than the Toto
  • The seat feels narrower and smaller.
  • Flush function not on remote

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash

The S300-EW is another example of a chair update that can slot on an existing, conventional toilet. Therefore, it is far less costly than a complete system complete with a tank and bowl. Additionally, it suggests you don’t need to mess about with electric wiring or plumbing.

The bidet attachment makes things easy and straightforward due to the rapid release on the chair if it comes to cleaning. By comparison, the hinges and seat on a conventional toilet can easily enable germs to hide from reach.

You do sacrifice some luxury when selecting this less costly alternative. It is not as appealing as the top smart toilets. Additionally, the warm water source will only provide around a moment’s worth of water, unlike plumbed-in choices with infinite supply. You could also dislike the toilet seat opening, which can be smaller than the common space.


  • Fits on existing toilets
  • Wireless remote
  • Quick-release seat for cleaning


  • Less attractive design
  • Smaller than average opening

Warm water is limited.

Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash
Brondell Inc. S300-EW Swash

Euroto Luxury Smart Toilet

If you are all about convenience, then the Euroto toilet is probably your thought of the ideal toilet system. Everything is automatic, from the self-lifting lid into the automatic flush when you are finished. There is a distance included for fine-tuning items like a seat, and drier temperature, in addition to water pressure.

Another innovative feature in Euroto is that the underfloor heating system will not run out of warm water. Additionally, the incorporated deodorizer brings in air and moves it via an ionized carbon filter, eliminating odors.

You will cover these top-of-the-line features; however: This is unquestionably one of the more affordable choices on our listing. The self-lifting chair can get bothersome in smaller baths, as it frequently opens when you pass by.


  • Lots of automation
  • Built-in night light switch
  • Deodorizer


  • Relatively large profile
  • Pricey
  • The self-lifting seat can be annoying.

Dyconn Faucet Aqua

For the environmentally conscious, this is among the more lavish smart toilets which you may get. The GPF score defeats even our rank winner, the Kohler Veil, concerning water stored compared to traditional toilet versions.

Talking of eco-friendly purposes, the toilet features a wise sensor chair that could detect when a consumer is seated. This can be used to activate or deactivate features such as seat heat and water sprays. The exceptional quality of this toilet is that the addition of an LCD displaced, which reveals essential usage info.

Unlike many smart and regular toilets, this system comes at a square layout that might not agree with your taste. The square chair will provide a smaller bowl gap, which may be embarrassing for larger users. You could also find cleaning catchy due to the unusual form and the number of complicated components, such as the LCD and controllers.


  • Relatively low GPF rating
  • Automatic shutdown feature
  • Built-in LED status indicator.


  • It can be tricky to clean.
  • Small toilet bowl opening
  • Square design won’t suit all.

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intelligent toilets


That depends upon how skilled you’re at installing items. The pipes component might not pose a challenge since most toilets have standardized connections. The matter could stem from the electric socket set up for the toilet to get the job done.

For safe electric wiring, it’s simply the best smart toilet bidet in USA for you just to call a professional. If you know your way around plumbing and electrical operation, it should not be a problem.

Even though LED lights are proven to last for an extended length, he’s a stage where they must be replaced. This is all dependent on the design of this toilet. Some producers provide replacement lighting, while some make you your devices.

If you do not understand where the nightlight is situated for replacement, you can always purchase individual nightlights and hook them into the toilet.

Bright toilets do not require a good deal of upkeep unless the electric piece goes wrong and want to call a professional. You have to wash out the device frequently to eliminate any stains or messes that may have piled up.

If there are components that will need to be replaced, contact the business for replacements or choose to do it yourself. Any clogged nozzles /bidets could be unclogged with vinegar and warm water.

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Having noticed all recommendable smart toilet products available on the market, you may currently single out precisely what you’d most like. Bright toilets don’t come cheap, so there’s so much to consider before eventually making them.

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