Are you trying to find the very best one piece toilet reviews? It’s uncomfortable and hard at precisely the same time to obtain the ideal one since there are many options available on the market. It’s for precisely the same reason you need to consider and consider your choices well.

One-Piece Toilet Benefits

Since two-piece toilets have nearly identical features and work with one-piece toilets, why do many clients prefer single piece versions? What is more, the one-piece toilets are usually more expensive.

Here are some great reasons to select one-piece over two-piece versions:

  • More comfortable to wash: There are no cracks, tendons, and nooks for the dirt and dirt to collect. The one-piece toilets are simple to clean.
  • This is only one of the best benefits of two-piece toilets. The connecting region between the tank and bowl is a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.
  • More comfortable with preserving Still another reason to decide on a one-piece toilet is not as upkeep involved. Single piece design reduces the odds of leakage and breakage, considering that there are not any joints.
  • More comfortable to put in Fewer components means less setup time. The one-piece design removes the need to attach the bowl to the container, which is a problematic step through the setup process.
  • Smaller dimensions One-piece toilets are generally slightly smaller than two-piece versions, making them a much better option for smaller bathrooms. While they save just several inches, the wall-hung tankless versions can save you lots of space.
  • Sleeker style Though this is a question of personal taste, the majority of individuals locate one-piece toilets more modern. If you’re thinking about bettering your bathroom, you will surely enjoy their slick design with clean borders.
  • Fewer transport problems Contrary to two-piece toilets sent separately, closed-up toilets are shipped as an entire unit. This implies fewer transportation problems.
One-Piece Toilet Benefits

How to Pick the Ideal Toilet For Your Toilet?

Before you shop around to find the very best toilet your family can depend on, it’s also wise to consider specific matters and variables to make sure that you will purchase the perfect one for your requirements and dependent on the features you’re searching for.

Consider a handy and useful flushing system: It’s just another attribute to look for when considering purchasing a new toilet. The one to select needs to have a convenient and robust flushing strategy. Most versions we’ve featured previously supply an automatic flushing system, which may flush once you depart. Additionally, it means more convenience for its hands-free performance.

Have a look at the setup required for your toilet: This variable can help you choose the best layout and general construction of the toilet suitable for your toilet’s settings. A one-piece toilet may be a fantastic alternative since it’s created to one unit using the tank and bowl attached collectively, offering the simplicity of functionality. With this, you can anticipate a sleek and solidly constructed toilet without notches, which will collect dirt and scents.

Consider the dimensions, height, and rough-in need: Know that toilets have various sizes, which means you must check because of its precise measurements to be sure it will match the accessible space for it on your toilet.

Some toilets may be accessible with a dimension of 12 inches from the walls, excluding the baseboard. It’s also referred to as the rough-in measurement. It’s also advisable to check the toilet’s height to guarantee ease of use for many users with all skills.

Consider the technology: It’s crucial to translate into a more challenging working and more lasting toilet. You may want to check on one with a self-cleaning activity that can keep the rim and the bowl clean for starters. With this feature, you can make sure you don’t need to wash frequently, saving you time and annoyance.

Consider water efficiency: If you would like to purchase the most lavish one-piece toilet, it’s also advisable to check its characteristic that saves water. For the most part, many fantastic toilets now use 1.28 GPF, which can be useful while keeping a healthy flush to guarantee time-saving. Water efficiency not only saves on utility charges but also helps conserve the environment.

There you have a few of the matters to check into when searching around to the toilets with the functionality, comfort, and convenience features you’re searching for.

How to Pick the Ideal Toilet

Top Rated Best One Piece Toilet Brands

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Toto MS604114CEFG#01 UltraMax II

TOTO has a fantastic reputation, and it’s a well-renowned new thing in this business. Thus, it’s quite challenging to go wrong with this product. If you’re trying to find a well-designed, efficient one-piece toilet, look no more.

This toilet will surpass your expectations. As it is WaterSense compliant, you won’t need to be concerned about efficiency.

A dual cyclone system induces the toilet to shove just 1.28 gallons of water throughout the bowl, thus conserving water bills. The glazed bowl allows for a silent yet healthy flush.

Additionally, it features a soft close seat, tall construct, and elongated bowl. If you consider the excellent construction and a fair cost, it is little wonder it is by far the most common single-piece toilet nowadays.


  • ADA-compliant
  • Modern style
  • It comes with the SoftClose seat.
  • Durably made
  • SanaGloss glaze
  • Highly efficient


  • Laboring installation

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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa

Among the first things, you will notice this modern-looking piece of the toilet because it’s only several seams and creases. This type of slick design allows for simple cleaning.

It is offered in various color choices to match in with different color schemes. The toilet is shaped to fit snugly into small baths.

Its elongated bowl is streamlined, so it does not occupy a great deal of room. The comfortable height provides chair-like comfy chairs, making it much easier for adults to sit and stand up.

If it comes to cleaning, the Kohler Santa Rosa is equipped with the AquaPiston system, which produces the water stream 360° around the bowl. This has a quick flush while utilizing just 1.28 gallons of water.


  • Powerful Aquapiston flushing system
  • WaterSense certified
  • ADA compliant
  • Efficient and comfortable
  • Easy to clean


  • Leakage problems
  • The lid is thin

American Standard Compact Cadet-3

Installing this one-piece toilet in your toilet will make it possible for you to effectively eliminate waste using minimal water use. That is possible due to this non-clogging character of the great toilet.

Flushing action is quite efficient. The toilet flushes down from around the rim, massaging the bowl thoroughly.

That is why the surface is clean every time you flush. The body is shiny, which prevents mold and germs from growing.

Besides the highly effective flushing, you will also enjoy a cozy seat that doesn’t place a strain on your knees. It will increase your experience while using the toilet.


  • ADA compliant and Watersense certified
  • EverClean surface that prevents stain and odor
  • Large 3-inch flush valve
  • Efficient flushing system
  • Compact design


  • The seat is cheaply made.
  • It can’t always clear waste in a single flush.

WoodBridge T-0001Toilet

The Woodbridge T-0001 is an environmentally-friendly unit that provides tons of improving features. It features a skirted snare with clean lines, which lends an elegant appearance to the toilet while creating simpler sanitation.

To be able to conserve water, it includes a dual flush system. However, among its most notable features is a soft close seat.

It averts the loud bang, which occurs when the seat melts suddenly. This helpful feature lowers the probability of damage.

For improved durability, the chair is reinforced with stainless steel hinges. It should also be pointed out that this one-piece toilet is somewhat higher than conventional models for enhanced comfort.


  • Soft closing seat with durable seat hinge
  • Dual flush system
  • Easy to clean
  • Luxurious design
  • WaterSense certified
  • Competitively priced


  • Hard-to-reach base screws
  • The flush mechanism is challenging to push.
WoodBridge T-0001Toilet

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TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco

What sets the TOTO model apart are an ergonomic layout, ADA elevation, and realistic price? It is outfitted with an E-max flushing mechanism, which ignites a low-consumption siphon jet.

This helps conserve water while ensuring that the toilet is always clean. The bundle also contains a soft close seat, chrome-plated trip lever, fittings, molded bumpers, and container cover.

As a result of this soft rocking chair, you’ll have the ability to shut the toilet gently without making a sound. The TOTO Eco Ultramax boasts of a ceramic coating with SanaGloss smooth glaze.

It does not only look stylish but also prevents debris, bacteria, and mold from growing. That means fewer compounds essential to keep the toilet clean.


  • Streamlined design
  • Saves water
  • Soft closing seat
  • E-max siphon jet flushing
  • Reasonable price


  • Delicate SanaGloss finish
  • Doesn’t clean properly sometimes
TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco
TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco

American Standard Champion-4

If you’re the type of person who does not like to find any marks on his toilet, then have a look at this model. This isn’t the only reason to decide on this product.

Additionally, it provides vital flushing, relaxation height, and several other fantastic features together with a generous guarantee. Given the fact that it is created in American, the quality is unquestionable.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will not flow water or clog. The bowl is created out of vitreous China and completed with a sleek EverClean glaze to interfere with mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Additionally, it retained the toilet odor-free and polished all of the time. Moreover, the Champion-4 is ADA approved and incredibly comfy.


  • Powerful flushing system
  • ADA compliant
  • EverClean surface
  • Very comfortable
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • A toilet seat isn’t included.
  • Poor quality control

TOTO MS854114S#01 Ultramax

This high-profile one-piece toilet is fitted using a chrome-plated lever. It includes an elongated bowl and large water to dispel foul odors.

The device is completed with a glazed trapway and SanaGloss ionized barrier to repel mold, particles, and bacteria.

You may be sure it will stay bright and glistening for several decades. Not only that, but it requires fewer chemical cleansers.

In addition to this, this toilet boasts the SoftClose seat and commercial-grade flushing system. The siphon jet flushing action alongside a 3-inch flush valve forces the water to the bowl. The outcome is a pristine odor-free surface.


  • G-max flushing system is robust.
  • Low water consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Comfortable


  • Difficult to install
  • Leaky valve
  • Prone to clogging

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Swiss Madison St. Tropez Toilet

For people with a flexible budget that isn’t scared of spending their dollars on high-quality products, the Swiss Madison is a fantastic thing to do. As soon as it is not the most economical one-piece toilet you may find now, you will surely get your money’s worth.

The excellent control and remarkable design of the toilet ensure it fulfills your requirements. Additionally, the sturdy construction means that a ceramic toilet will last you for decades.

This makes it a fantastic match for a variety of baths and helpful for different industrial purposes. The elongated bowl provides more space and comfort, while the skirted trapway makes it effortless to wash.

Most of all, your toilet will stay clean without having to spend a great deal of water.


  • Soft closing seat
  • Sophisticated look
  • Fully skirted trapway
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Quite affordable


  • One flush is not enough sometimes.
  • Heavy

GALBA Small Toilet

GALBA packs a significant punch in a little bundle. This tiny toilet fits even in the smallest baths and powder rooms. The more compact design can save you a great deal of space in one small bathroom.

It utilizes 0.8/1.6 gallons per flush, based on the kind of waste. Such a dual-flush system is effective at washing down nasty masks.

The GALBA one-piece toilet features a shiny coating. Therefore it is hard to crack or get filthy. Once it appears contemporary, many folks will not enjoy the Galba emblem (on the container).

You might also face some problems when installing this little toilet, like the wobbly lid and chair. Regardless, you can find a lot of helpful tips in their client services.


  • Soft-close toilet seat
  • Dual flush – 0.8 / 1.6
  • Glazed self-cleaning surface
  • Ideal for small bathrooms


  • The lid can rock a bit.
  • Fill valve issues
GALBA Small Toilet
GALBA Small Toilet

KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci

With a comfortable height, compact layout, an elongated bowl, this toilet is contemporary and comfortable.

A clean, easy theme of the one-piece toilet will match your toilet and alter its look. Not only does it look fantastic, but also, it works well in almost any residential setting.

The KOHLER San Souci Includes an AquaPiston flushing program. It employs an advanced technology that makes a healthy flush using just 1.28 Gpf per color.

The full canister, combined with all the trip levers, prevents leakages while ensuring the water is spread from either side. Because of this, your bowl is going to be clean after each use.


  • Powerful flushing
  • Excellent design
  • Easy to clean
  • Leak-free performance


  • Installing is a bit challenging.
  • The seat is not so comfortable.
  • Loose chain

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KOHLER K-5172-0 San Souci

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the questions frequently requested by the users.

Q: Is there some difference between a two-piece and this one-piece toilet?

Ans: Ordinarily, toilets include two different types: one-piece toilets and two-piece toilets. The distinction between the two kinds is a one-piece toilet consist of a skillet and bowl, whereas the two-piece form includes another tank and bowl.

Q: Is it effortless to set up a one-piece toilet?

Ans: The majority of one-piece toilets are relatively simple to install without hiring a professional plumber. Still, it’s crucial to employ a plumber to install it instead of doing this yourself and voiding the merit.

Q: What’s the most comfortable height of a one-piece toilet?

Ans: Every individual’s comfortable height differs. But, taller men and the elderly gain in the toilet height of 17 to 19 inches. On the flip side, kids and small-sized people can be comfy with a height of 15 inches.

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With this review of ten of their very best one-piece toilets, we think you will discover the perfect one-piece toilet to fit on your toilet. The advice that we also have provided in the buyer’s guide may be critical in narrowing down your options.

But if you still find it hard to go across the shops, consider choosing one of those ten reviewed products because most of them will serve you nicely.

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