Sleeper sofas are a useful, multifunctional accession to both tiny flats and massive homes. Before, combining a sofa and a bed frequently caused a clunky product that was both bloated and uncomfortable. Sleeper sofas have become a facelift in the past few decades, and they are currently available in sleeker, sleeper-friendly layouts offering a spin on the conventional pullout.

Inside this guide, NOUSDECOR is sharing all you want to learn about sleeper sofas, including the 17 Best Sleeper Sofas from each category. So what are you waiting for? Join me as we discover the world of sleeper sofas!


  • Exploring the world of best sleeper sofas opens a realm of possibilities for furniture enthusiasts seeking versatile and comfortable solutions.
  • When evaluating these sofas, sleepers are keen on finding options that offer both comfort and quality mattresses, ensuring a restful night’s sleep.
  • For apartment dwellers, the priority lies in space-efficient sleeper sofas, maximizing living areas without compromising on functionality.
  • Interior designers meticulously consider the style and aesthetics of sleeper sofas, aiming for designs that seamlessly blend with the overall decor.
  • Practical buyers should evaluate the durability and material options offered by the best sleeper sofas to ensure a long-lasting investment.
  • Appreciating easy conversion mechanisms, users find the best sleeper sofas to seamlessly transition between seating and sleeping arrangements.
  • These multifaceted aspects, ranging from comfort and style to practicality, form the foundation for discerning the best sleeper sofas in the market.

Best Sleeper Sofa: Choosing The Best Sofa Bed of 2024

 When it comes to the best sofa buying guide of 2024 for your home, there are several factors to consider.

  • Comfort is a top priority, so finding a comfortable sofa bed is crucial. The upholstery Carly Recessed Arm Sofa Bed and the Nantwich Channel Tufted Convertible Sofa both offer plush seating and a cozy sleeping experience as well as being the most comfortable sleeper chairs available. 
  • For those who love mid-century design, the Wayfair Jennifer Leather Sofa Bed and the Flipside Sleeper Sofa are excellent choices for expressing your mid-century collecting passion. 
  • If you have limited space, a corner sofa or a sectional sofa with a trundle sleeper, like the Foundstone Joy 77″ Round Arm Sleeper or the Birch Lane 89″ Rolled Arm Sofa Bed, can help maximize the space in your living room for your space saving needs. 
  • For larger households, the West Elm Shelter Queen Sofa or the Vesper King Sleeper Sofa provide ample seating and sleeping space. Furthermore, these sleeper sofas may earn more favor for those who are looking for queen pull-out sleeper sofa beds in their interior design. 
  • The MULTYst Claude Brisson Sleeper Sofa and the Pottery Barn Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa are also worth considering for their versatile functionality.
  • Lastly, for those who value sustainability, the Greta Recycled Leather Sofa and the Macy’s Alaina Fabric Queen Sofa Bed are environmentally friendly options.

No matter your preference or budget, the Joybird Eliot Sleeper Sectional is a top pick that combines comfort, style, and functionality.

Best Sleeper Sofa Overall: Wayfair Custom Upholstery Carly Recessed Arm Sofa Bed

Regardless of the best overall pick for a convertible sleeper sofa for your house, the Carly Recessed Sleeper Sofa will fit in perfectly because it features a simple yet timeless design. The 93-inch sofa has increased track arms and a skirted slipcover within the framework. It is available in over a dozen upholstery materials, such as cotton, polyester, and mixed choices. (You can order free samples of various upholstery choices if you would like to view them before picking one).

Your family will enjoy curling up with this sofa, as it features deep 26-inch chairs with detachable seats and back pillows. The item is handmade right here in America using high-quality timber, and the queen-sized interior mattress is 4.5 inches thick and made out of no-sag steel springs for exceptional support.

Your doors need to be at least 29 inches broad to find this sofa inside; the fantastic thing is that the bit arrives completely assembled, so all that is left for you to do is kick your feet up and enjoy. As such, this piece of comfortable sleeper sofa is considered to be the best overall sleeper sofa in the category of upholstered sofa bed.

Best Sleeper Sofa Overall: Wayfair Custom Upholstery Carly Recessed Arm Sofa Bed
Best Sleeper Sofa Overall: Wayfair Custom Upholstery Carly Recessed Arm Sofa Bed

The Best Bang For The Buck: Nantwich Channel Tufted Convertible Sofa

Most superior sleeper couches are at high price points, well, more than a million bucks. That is because they are complete with a mattress, which pushes the cost and the requirement. The Austen Twin Split-Back Convertible Sofa features a problem-solving design, which means that you may find a glossy sofa and a cozy bed to host guests – all for under $300.

Rather than a bed, the sofa cushions fold flat to supply you with a twin-size sleeping place. This choice is much more of a sleeper sofa, but this special feature saves you money and hassle when adapting your own company. The split-back layout lets you select between three places – sitting, lounging, and sleeping.

As the description states, “Perfect for unexpected guests, or merely a handy place for a rest, futons are an excellent alternative for adding little seats that can readily be converted into sleeping area whenever required.”

The upholstery is offered in three distinct colors (black, navy blue, black, or walnut), which are simple to coincide with any present decor. The sofa measures 78.5 inches in length, therefore when folded vertically, it is a wonderful full-size sofa for visitors to sit and talk. With some maintenance like removing water marks from couch, This is considered to be one of the more budget-friendly sleeper sofas compared to standard sleeper sofas.

Best Leather: Wayfair Jennifer Leather Sofa Bed

There are many advantages to leather sofas over traditional sleeper seats, including improved durability and resistance to stains. If you adore leather furniture, then the Jennifer Rolled Sleeper Sofa will probably be right up your street.

This big 81-inch sofa has a timeless design of its rolled arms into the little cube legs-and it is coated in beautiful genuine leather that is offered in over a dozen conventional colors, including shades of brown, black, white, as well as blue.

This leather sleeper sofa can seat up to 3 individuals simultaneously, and it transforms into a queen-size mattress where you can accommodate two more guests. The interior mattress is 6.5 inches thick and created out of internal springs; the mattress can hold up to 750 lbs.

The pillows on the sofa itself are full of foam for a plush relaxing experience, and also, the piece’s frame is made of kiln-dried and laminated timber, ensuring that the sofa stands the test of time inside your house.

Subtle and Complex: Flipside Sleeper Sofa

For the most part, you can look on a quality sleeper sofa and understand just what it is – but every once in a while, you encounter one that is too subtle to pass up. The Flipside sofa has sleek lines, a shallow base, and a deep-seat layout, which means you would never assume it becomes a bed…

But catch the hidden cloth handles, and with a single quick flip, you have got a queen-sized mattress that lays out flat around the ground. Because of this, it is technically a convertible couch. However, reviewers have given it a 4.8-star score because the whole [item causes] this type of cozy sleep.

In reality, all of the pillows – such as the four movable straight ones – are filled with an eco-friendly faux-down substance. The framework is created out of kiln-dried hardwood that has been harvested, along with the block toes constructed from solid timber, which is not too common today. (Most online couches utilize vinyl, which can begin to crack over the years).

Finally, the sofa includes a detachable and washable cotton shirt sheet that securely fits the mattress, which means with some dishwasher tablet sofa cleaning hack you are prepared for the first guest the moment it is delivered. You can receive this layout in velvet, and it will be a charcoal black color, or in 3 linen-like substances: Parliament Stone, Leaside Driftwood, and Chelsea Pacific.

Subtle and Complex: Flipside Sleeper Sofa
Subtle and Complex: Flipside Sleeper Sofa

Best Budget: Foundstone Joy 77″ Round Arm Sleeper

This sofa could have a meager cost, but it still provides a big design, which is your best bet when looking for actually comfortable furnishing. The Joy Sleeper includes a trendy mid-century contemporary design with curved arms and tapered wooden legs. It is completed in a polyester fabric that comes in many different colors, including two neutral colors and bolder shades like mustard yellow.

This sleeper sofa is 77 inches, making it perfect for smaller houses, but its chairs continue to be ample at 23.5 inches deep. Since this bit is a budget choice, it does not have a conventional pull-out mattress-rather, its rear only folds down just like a futon, developing a twin-size sleep area for your visitors. Do not worry, however! Its foam pillows make for a comfy snooze spot.

Customize For Your Heart’s Content: Birch Lane 89″ Rolled Arm Sofa Bed

The Birch Lane 89″ Rolled Arm Sofa Bed in white seems as though it belongs at the ideal summer beach home due to its overstuffed pillows and clean but conventional Bridgewater layout. However, in reality, you can customize this sofa to match any home, thanks to over 100 upholstery choices.

What a piece of furniture! Pick between subtle geometrics, vivid floral prints, and just about any color under sunlight. Wayfair even allows you to customize your throw pillow cloth, and you’ll be able to ask for free swatch samples to make certain it’s the ideal choice for your living area.

Complete with a queen-sized mattress (in your selection of either DreamQuest coil or traditional innerspring), reviewers say this customizable sleeper sofa is” into the moon” for this selection. “It appears very strong. Well, made. The fabric of the sofa is amazing. The Queen mattress is comfortable. Would recommend.”

Best Modern: West Elm Shelter Queen Sleeper Sofa

This slick tuxedo-style sleeper sofa would make a gorgeous addition to any contemporary home. The best-selling Shelter Sleeper Sofa is 84.5 inches, and its arms are the same height as the trunk, making it a trendy contemporary shape. Additionally, you will find additional design touches you are certain to love, including one extra-long seat cushion and hidden encourage legs for a close look.

The Shelter Sofa is available in a massive choice of fabrics and colors, but many choices are custom-created, increasing the delivery period. The sleeper sofa has a huge interior queen-size mattress that features a two-layer construction. The foundation is created of high-density foam for assistance, and the shirt is a gel-infused memory foam that can keep sleepers cool during the evening.

Plus, as a bonus, West Elm provides White Glove delivery, so the sofa will be delivered, constructed, and installed by a set of trained professionals. They will also carry away the packing, saving you the bother of cleaning everything up.

Worth The Splurge: Vesper King Sleeper Sofa

You will love this sleeper sofa produced by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk, as the Vesper King sofa is worth the splurge for numerous reasons. For starters, the design – this sofa has a low, deep chair and tidy 90-degree angles for a stunning mixture of modern and mid-century contemporary. Then there is the comfort factor:

The dual layers of down-filled reinforcement imply you can personalize your degree of back support. Simultaneously, the high-density foam pillow provides just the correct quantity of stability while sitting or lounging.

This sofa also gives the capability to customize. Choose between eight kinds of cloth or two types of leather – and between them, there are more than 40 color choices. At length, the Vesper is carefully made for longevity. The kiln-dried hardwood framework and the foam mattress guarantee durability.

This king-sized sleeper rests completely on a sturdy wooden platform based on this patented conversion mechanism than an uncomfortable metal pub. When opened, it takes up less space than a conventional sleeper.

Thus far, reviewers have already been raving about this selection. Interior designer Jennifer Wallenstein told The Strategist this sofa is high-quality with a gorgeous layout” the LA Times named it one of their most effective trendy sleepers which ”won’t destroy your back” and is perfect for extra comfort when sleeping on a sleeper sofa. 

The Most Minimalist Select: MULTY Claude Brisson Sleeper Sofa

Sometimes you need a bit of furniture that is simple, simple, and functional. The MULTY sleeper sofa (made by French designer Claude Brisson) is the bit. This 47-inch loveseat easily fits two individuals when placed right to a sofa, and it includes two fitting lumbar cushions for additional support.

Nonetheless, it’s unlike most other choices since the styled sofa pillow turn into the right mattress; the underside pliers pull out to make a foundation for its polyether foam, and this can be coated in a cotton-blend cover that is treated with a special shield to keep the development of germs. Because of this, every bit of this sofa is utilized to make your pull-out bed, which means you don’t need to find someplace to stash your additional cushions.

It is possible to receive this sofa in your choice of gray, white, taupe, black, white, yellow, or crimson. On top of that, because every slice from Ligne Roset is created in the heart of the French countryside, so you know that you are getting a special sofa that is manually made using careful craftsmanship.

Best for Smaller Spaces: Pottery Barn Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa

You are still able to have a sleeper sofa, even if your living room is constrained. The Buchanan Twin Sleeper Sofa seems somewhat like a chair-and-a-half, and it pulls out to some streamlined twin-size mattress – ideal if you frequently have friends ask to crash in your place suddenly. This bit has a timeless design with rolled arms and block legs, and it is only 56 inches wide, so it can easily fit into small flats and homes.

Whether you prefer simple woven cloths or lasting performance upholstery, this type of sleeper sofa comes in heaps of alternatives, such as stain-resistant Sunbrella fabrics. If you are relaxing in your home, you will love curling up from the plush seat, which features polyester-wrapped foam cushions; also, whenever you’ve got a visitor, you can pull the 5-inch memory foam mattress with a high gel layer to wick heat away.

The Eco-Friendly Choice: Greta Recycled Leather Sofa

Looking for something perfect for the planet in addition to your house’s aesthetic? The Greta sofa from Urban Outfitters fits the bill. Although this bit is tender, flexible, and chic-looking, it is also eco-friendly due to its recycled leather outside. Its legless layout gives it a Bohemian appearance and therefore does the pin-tucked cushions full of foam – too recycled.

Although this bit does not have some high-tech developments, its flexibility lies in its ease. With a fast adjustment of this rugged metal frame, this sofa goes from completely perpendicular to halfway reclined for lounging. Next, if you are hosting an overnight guest or in the mood for a rest, it will make a horizontal, mattress-like coating – thanks to its one-piece layout, you can easily incorporate a fitted sheet.

“We waited with expectation for this particular piece, and I am delighted to report that it appears to have been worth the wait,” one reviewer wrote. “The leather is soft, as is your chair when folded into the sofa position.” They also raved that it is “ideal for the region [they] intended” and is “well worth the cash is given its flexibility”. As such remember to clean the sofa frequently by disinfecting leather couch surfaces.

Best Design: Macy’s Alaina II 77″ Fabric Queen Sleeper Sofa Bed

The Alaina II Sofa Bed functions somewhat differently from many sleepers, but it is comfy. This exceptional design has a pull-out front for a simple setup. The back of the sofa becomes a part of the mattress-and it gives an impressive 80 inches of sleep surface that’s ideal for numerous individuals.

The Alaina II comes from stylish denim-colored cloth, and it is 77 inches wide. The sofa has a walnut wood frame with polyester upholstery, and also the queen-sized interior mattress is made of a comfy foam. Additionally, there are no awkward metal pubs or openings to interrupt your visitors, making sure that they wake up well-rested.

Best Sectional: Joybird Eliot Sleeper Sectional

Yes, you will find sleeper sectionals readily available, and we believe you will love the chic look of choice from Joybird. The Eliot Sleeper Sectional comes with an eye-catching mid-century design, complete with cushioned cushions and adorable tapered wooden legs, but do not let its appearance fool you-it is every bit as comfortable as it’s stylish.

This sectional is large: It steps 113 inches broad, and its chaise is 59 inches. What is great about this particular piece is that you can customize every part of it to match your property. There are scores of upholstery choices in each color and fabric, and it is also possible to choose whether you want the chaise on the left or right side of the sofa.

And let’s not neglect the internal mattress, which brings out to make a comfy queen-size sleeping surface. In reality, it’s so comfy that your guests may not wish to leave!

Ideal For Your Impromptant Guest: Twilight Sleeper Sofa

This one’s technically a daybed (instead of the usual pull-out), however, in this situation, that is a fantastic thing. The Twilight sleeper sofa has one strong, mattress-like pillow and a flexible reinforcement with three distinct placement options.

Because of this, you will need only transfer the bolster from the method for use for a twin – or slip the top pillow on the ground, adjoining to the cushioned base, to get a mattress that is larger than a queen.

When utilized as a sofa, the bolster provides comfortable lumbar support while the foam-filled cushions kiss every curve.

In a nutshell, this bit turns any space (from a practical entryway into a little home office) into a guest room with minimal effort on your part. As it takes seconds to install and has a detachable, washable slipcover, it is excellent for guests who drop by unannounced. Additionally, it comes in six colors to match virtually any room.

Ultimately, this bit would be well worth the purchase price tag as a result of its durability. It is made out of an aluminum framework and high-density foam, and following buyers, it is in it to the long haul. “I’ve had this sleeper sofa for 15 decades and also have re-covered it 2x. Fantastic sleep alternative for guests,” one wrote.

Ideal For Your Impromptant Guest: Twilight Sleeper Sofa
Ideal For Your Impromptant Guest: Twilight Sleeper Sofa

Cozy And Practical: FINNALA Sleeper Sofa

The FINNALA was known as the “best IKEA sofa” because it is “beautifully comfortable,” works nicely,” and can be”incredibly simple to construct.” Currently, IKEA has expanded this fan-favorite show to incorporate the FINNALA sleeper couch, a brand-new release that provides all those features and one more: a thick comfy mattress that pulls out.

As a sofa, this one is soft, comfy, and well-suited for smaller distances due to its corner-friendly layout and 80-inch width. It is covered in a washable cotton-polyester mix and full of high-resilience foam so that it bounces back into shape once you stand up.

If your guest arrives, only get rid of the chair cushions and pull the underframe; in minutes, you will have a four and 3/4-inch mattress – additionally made from high-resilience foam. Consequently, you can provide a flat, constant, supportive sleeping surface that remains comfy all night long.

Get it in six distinct colors, two of which have a leather-like complete.

Best Queen-Size: Ebern Designs Dengler 79″ Square Arm Sofa Bed

Should you frequently host families or couples for a visit to a favorite phenomenon through the holidays-a queen-size sleeper couch will guarantee your guests are not cramped? Specifically, the Ebern Designs Dengler Sofa Bad has an attractive square design that quickly transforms into a big, comfy bed, and how do you resist its fair price?

This sleeper couch is 79 inches long, and its blocky framework is lined with piping for visual appeal. The sofa has two rear cushions with button tufting, and short wooden legs support the entire thing.

The Dengler Sleeper Sofa is coated in a grey polyester upholstery cloth, and its chairs are full of a mix of foam and springs for comfort and longevity. In terms of its concealed bed, the queen-size mattress is 5 inches thick and made out of internal springs, so you might choose to put money into a mattress topper to maintain your visitor’s comfy needs

Mid-Century Memory Foam: Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

It can seem like it is right from Don Draper’s living space, but this is not your typical mid-century contemporary couch. Offered in both double and queen sizes (along with five fashionable colors), the Novogratz Brittany adds a great touch to a living space with its tufted backrest and classic, boxy form. Additionally, it cushions you while you watch TV due to the independently straightened coils inside the chair.

But, surprisingly compact, it conceals a memory foam mattress that evenly distributes body fat and helps to ease joints’ stress.

Mid-Century Memory Foam: Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s a great substance to be utilized in cushions. Memory Foam may hold the shapes of your neck and head, which likewise distribute the pounds. Additionally, it helps with neck and back pain, so you get a smooth nighttime sleep.

It’s possible to use an upholstery shampoo – for washable fabrics – or even a sterile solvent to get non-washable ones. To eliminate dust, or debris, dry fabric or a brush may be used. You might even use bicarbonate soda mixed with water to eliminate stains or odor from washable materials.

There is no one-size-fits-all notion for a sleeper couch. A perfect or most comfy sleeper couch depends on your sleeping posture, size, weight, and if you sleep sexy. Check out our purchasing guide to understand more.


With the rising prevalence of sleeper couches, multifunctionality couches can be found in the industry. They’re also offered in various sizes, fabrics, and mattresses. Deciding on a perfect sofa sleeper might thus not be simple.

The buyer’s guide and review of those best couches for sleeping can allow you to get started in searching for your favorite pair of a sleeper sofa. It could also allow you to be aware of features to search for, choices available, and durability.

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