Couches are subject to a good deal of abuse. From being the location we watch TV out of doubling as puppy beds, your couch is probably filthy than you think it is. Steaming helps get rid of germs, stains, and dirt, making well-used furniture seem dull and muddy.

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Why Should You Steam Clean a Couch?

Using steamer to clean sofa

Most of us have couches and sofas in the home. It’s among the most utilized furniture in any home. But do you recall when the last time was, you’d deep cleaned your couch? And by heavy cleansing, I don’t mean vacuuming.

The upholsteries of a couch and sofas aren’t detachable and are frequently made from porous and skin-friendly fabric to maximize relaxation. Vacuuming only eliminates face dust and pollens. Nevertheless, old spots, mold inside the couch, dirt and grouts inside the deep cracks in the vicinity of the couch, etc., are barely ever accessible if you don’t choose to call a Professional Cleaning Service. But once again, that also comes in a substantial additional expense.

If you’ve got a steam cleaner at home, you may readily utilize Steam Cleaner to clean your couch and give it a new and glossy look at no extra price. A steam cleaner kills the molds seated profoundly inside the interior, filling the couch’s substance and removing dirt and stains without shelling out much.

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Deciding upon a steamer

Decide on a helpful version. The most successful are specialized upholstery steamers that have been intended for the job. Fabric steamers for freshening garments can also be beneficial here, followed closely by handheld units that manage tight spaces and characteristic fabric attachments.

The device should be constructed for handheld use or includes extension hoses, removable wands, and fabric cleaning heads. Some layouts can be full of cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for the endeavor. This may be a rewarding feature should you would like to get rid of odors along with stains and dirt.

Start looking for a fabric cleaning accessory. Many packages have a pair of accessories with an angled nozzle using a level head created for steaming fabrics. Be sure that you use this particular attachment that’s suggested for treating clothing or upholstery. You should avoid bulky industrial carpeting steam-machines because these don’t usually contain such technical attachments.

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How to Steam Clean a Couch & Other Upholstery?

How to steaming clean

Step 1: Eliminate any Covers and Cushions

To prep your couch to get steamed, you’re going to need first to remove any covers. At this moment, attempt to take out the cushion and place each aside. This separation will make it a lot simpler for you to steam clean all areas of the couch once the time comes.

Step 2: Vacuum the Couch and Cushions

Utilizing the vacuum cleaner attachments, vacuum any dust, allergens, pet hair, and dander that could be sitting on the fabric. For optimum results, do the following:

Having a soft-bristled brush, then examine the couch and cushions.

Loosen any debris that is embedded so they may be vacuumed.

Remove any large debris which can get stuck inside the vacuum cleaner.

Step 3: Spot Treat Stains

When you have vacuumed the couch and pillow, you can see treat any spots on them. For optimum results, use an upholstery cleaner to help remove stains. For discoloration that is stubborn, use a solution containing one part heavy-duty laundry detergent with four parts. Here is the Way to Deal with those stains utilizing the made option:

  • Dab onto a rag and set the solution on the blot.
  • Rub the solution to the stain.
  • Let sit for five to ten minutes.
  • Completely dry before going ahead.
  • When spot cleaning, be sure that the area is completely dry. If left moist, it may grow mold spores and additional damage substance itself.

Step 4: Use an Upholstery Conditioner

Once implemented, an upholstery cleaner can help get any lingering dirt and dirt.

Spray the liquid sprays throughout the couch, cushions, and pillows.

Allow the purifier to sit for a couple of minutes, letting it emulsify the embedded dirt.

Spray a little bit of upholstery shampoo to the very same substances and rub with a brush.

If stains nevertheless seem, repeat the process until eliminated.

Now, you do not need to think about eliminating every last drop of conditioner and shampoo. When you visit steam, any residue shampoo and conditioner must vanish.

Step 5: Get Your Steam Cleaner Ready

Get Your Steam Cleaner Ready

Steam cleaning that a couch isn’t like steaming a hardwood flooring. By way of instance, you won’t be employing a “steam mop” to perform this. Instead, be sure you’ve got an upholstery steam cleaner to utilize. These are specially designed to clean upholstery and also have the following in common:

Come with a broad selection of attachments to use on upholstery.

Have mobile and lightweight designs.

Have long necks that enable the steamer to enter every corner and crevice.

It could be used to wash drapery, couches, and car seats too.

When you have the proper steam wash for your job, you will want to add water to the machine. Before massaging it in, read the directions to understand how much to include. Overfilling a steam cleaner may cause the cleaner to malfunction. Additionally, placing an excessive amount of water from the reservoir may leave your fabrics moist after steaming.

Even though the water is heating, then locate the static brush or cloth-specific attachment. Avoid mixing too much soap into the water. It’s far easier to wash a place a couple of times than it would be to need to eliminate the excess solvent from this fabric.

Step 6: Access to Steaming Your Couch, Cushions, and Pillows

To begin steaming, begin with steaming the bottom of a pillow. It is a fantastic idea to perform a test steaming on a little region of the couch before continuing. This test will inform you if steaming has some negative impacts on the material.

If everything looks great, keep steaming the pillow in another way:

Simply take the handheld steam cleaner attachment and gently steam the top layer.

While steaming, drag the attachment over the region to cushion to push the steam deep into the fabric.

Permit the area to wash before copying, if necessary.

Repeat this process all around the cushions, and then proceed onto the cushions and couch.

Ensure that you don’t overlook the faces of the couch since these may frequently be overlooked. Also, please do not spend too much time on any area to prevent making it saturated with moisture.

After your completed steaming, please switch off the steam cleaner and let it cool before putting it away. Based upon your particular steamer, you might also drain your reservoir.

Step 7: Let Your Couch Dry

You must allow your couch to dry before using it completely. If you get started sitting on it while still moist, you can combine filthy it along with your clothing and body oils. To hasten this process, set the cushions and cushions beneath the sunlight. Consider employing a dry towel and then run it on the couch, cushions, and pillows too. This excess step will ensure there is no residual dirt left.

Factors to Consider Before Steam Cleaning Couch

Prepare before steam cleanning couch

The steam cleaners dislodge the dirt particles and remnants. It doesn’t eliminate them. While a consequence of a steam cleaning couch, it’s vital to use a microfiber cloth to wash the surface nicely. The fabric won’t simply pick up the dislodged dust particles but also get rid of the extra moisture that resides until it penetrates deeper into the fabric of the couch.

The steam made by this Steam cleaner is at a dangerously large temperature. So proper protective steps should be required to stop the steam from coming in contact with any skin surfaces.

Pre-treating the couch and other furniture with sprays and other products will merely guarantee a much better and long-lasting outcome.

After the principle mentioned in the guide is only going to increase this product’s longevity and security.

Constantly assess the fabric kind before beginning the steam cleaning process to avoid any mishaps.

All couches and sofas with fabric fittings have a little tag attachment that mentions the sort of fabric used. The four Chief types include:

  • WS – Can be cleaned using a steam cleaner or dry-cleaning detergent
  • S – Could only be washed with dry-cleaning detergent
  • W – Can be washed with water or steam
  • X – Can be cleaned using a vacuum just

Frequently Asked Questions

What shouldn’t be steam cleaned?

  • Paper and cardboard products that Aren’t water-resistant
  • Delicate fabrics such as silk, that have extremely low heat.
  • Walls and any surfaces which have water-based paint coatings.
  • Electronic gadgets and gadgets (Unless mentioned)
  • Vinyl goods.

Where else could steam cleaning be used for?

  • Mattresses, Cabinets, Sofas, Cabinets
  • Flooring, Tiles, and Ceramic and Metallic Fixtures
  • Glass and Mirrors
  • Kitchen Cabinets and accessories such as cutting boards, waste containers, working surfaces, as well as the fridge and the freezer racks can be washed, comprehensive, and sanitized with a Handheld Steam Cleaner.
  • Filters and grills of A/C units, barbeque grills, and cooktops
  • Lawnmower
  • Car interiors
  • Pet cages, bedding, homes, and litter boxes.
  • Kids play area and toys


A steam cleaning couch or a sofa is an effective method that doesn’t want external or assistance substances to clean a surface. You can think most of all spare a great deal of cash that usually is needed if you book a professional cleaning company. A steam cleaner is versatile cleaning equipment that has multiple functionalities. It’s a one-time investment that surely will make life simpler.


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