In the market for a new toilet? With all these versions, it can be tough to narrow your options. If you consider any TOTO toilets, you always wind up getting a quality, long-lasting loo.

TOTO toilets are designed to provide a comfortable experience with several useful features. In reality, many of the toilets are specially made to be compliant with strict regulations in the ADA compliant, in addition to municipal or city leak codes. Despite a heavy focus on performance, TOTO toilets have sleek, compact designs to match your bathroom.

Read our buying guide on the best TOTO toilet to find out about their cutting-edge versions. NousDecors best selection, TOTO’s Drake Two-Piece Toilet with Elongated Bowl, features a traditional high-profile layout and a healthy cleansing flush.

TOTO Toilet Designs

Timeless two-piece design toilets: TOTO’s classic two-piece toilets are the most affordable layouts, so if you are on a budget, then be watching for them. They comprise either round or elongated bowl and match the general décor of most bathrooms.

One-piece design toilets: These slick, minimalist designs are best for modern houses. One-piece TOTO toilets usually are at the peak of the purchase price range but have modern curb appeal.

Wall-hung toilet: If you want to free up space in your toilet, select one of TOTO’s wall-hung toilets. You probably should engage a professional plumber to put in the tank machine for them, so compute that investment to your general bathroom funding.

Neorest toilets: Modern luxury abounds with TOTO’s Neorest toilets. They are why some toilets are called thrones since they are equipped with sensor-driven cabinets, heated seats, private cleansing wands, and a self-flushing system


The average height of toilets is 15 inches from the ground, but they are sometimes somewhat too low for many people. The universal height toilets, on the other hand, are approximately 18 inches high, which makes them ADA compliant. If you want to personalize your bathroom’s elevation, more leeway pipes and pipes allow with a wall-mounted TOTO toilet.

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Reasons To Purchase The Best Toto Toilets


Greatest Toto toilets, you will come across a couple of bathroom manufacturers who’ve existed as long as Toto. They had been created in Japan way back in 1917. When you purchase a Toto toilet, over 100 decades of expertise in the bathroom company generate this model concept. Very few companies can boast this.


Toto is a significant toilet manufacturing firm. They provide a lot of separate bathrooms to select from. They have everything from basic bathrooms to more complex models, clean and clean you after you’re finished doing your company. Toto makes toilets that will nicely fit into anyone’s budget also.

Rigid Testing

Whenever Toto layouts a brand new model bathroom which makes sure it functions well before allowing it to enter the market. The business extensively examines each Toto toilet model before ensuring it is accessible to the public available.

Benefits of Replacement Parts

It’s simple to keep your Toto toilet in excellent working order also. They have a complete line of replacement parts readily available for every single model they create. Toto is a significant company that lots of distinct plumbing providers carry their components.

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Top Rated Best Toto Toilets 2024

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1. Toto UltraMax One-Piece Toilet

Many toilet brands utilize GPF to distinguish their versions, but this is sometimes perplexing for buyers. To make it simpler, Toto provides each GPF its name. Therefore, by way of instance, if you visit UltraMax from the toilet title, then you automatically understand it utilizes 1.28 gallons of water for each flush.

This UltraMax unit is a one-piece, so the lid is contained. This specific version has a universal height (17.25 inches out of seat-top to flooring) plus a soft-closing bath lid. The result looks like the toilet is shutting in slow-motion. Also, it prevents noisy lid banging.

In a glimpse, the narrow, curved toilet tank looks made for tight spaces. It is a nice aesthetic touch, although the 12-inch rough-in is a more powerful sizing element. The toilet flushes effectively due to the dual cyclone tornado flush. The rim does not have any holes, only nozzles, along with a groove.

Not having holes means there aren’t any rust marks and muddy stripes leaking out of the cistern. Instead, water is spun via the double nozzles to a strong tornado that melts all waste and toilet paper. The bowl is glazed to reduce stains and stripes much farther.

The cutely-shaped flush lever has been coated in chrome, which looks great and lasts more despite decades of flushing. The toilet seat is elongated, offering a pleasant sitting place. The bowl has been elongated also, providing a more oversized flushing coating and improving momentum.

Some Toto toilets have a siphon; however, this one does not. It will have a remarkably shaped snare. Meaning if you do get a clog, then it can be challenging to clear. Your toilet plunger can not get its suction going. Additionally, the trap itself is multiple grooves. Therefore you will find far more dust bunnies to wash.


  • At 1.28 GPF, it meets WaterSense requirements throughout the US.
  • Its soft-close lid prevents injuries from slammed toilets.
  • Its front-curving cistern is a nice aesthetic touch.


  • The textured trap is exposed, so that’s extra cleaning work. Also, the elongated curl of the web can make it tougher to break up clogs.

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2. Toto Drake Two-Piece Toilet (Our Best Budget Pick)

We are all attracted to shiny things, while it is a metallic-colored auto or a kitchen sink. Nevertheless, in regards to Toto toilets, the glistening coat is not only aesthetic. It is a lubricant that improves hygiene and reduces smells and dangerous microbes. Other motives endear this toilet.

Toto Drake Two-Piece product is an elongated bowl, but its entire length is also extended. This provides a streamlined appearance. But, that span might be unsuitable for smaller baths. The 12-inch rough-in will fit nice, but the tight toilet size may dwarf your floor area. The toilet can be remarkably tall.

Its high-profile tank is nearly as long as the toilet itself. The 14-inch tank sits atop a 16-inch bowl. The taller tank is an excellent feature as this is a gravity-flush toilet, so the more significant the rank, the greater your flushing strain. Additionally, this type of two-piece, so the chair is sold individually.

Based on the kind of chair you purchase, you will add a couple of inches into the bottom height. You might even bypass the chair altogether and buy a Washlet bidet instead. It is compatible and will fit without making any alterations to a Drake Two-Piece.

The toilet’s Gmax flushing system is sufficiently notable, however, using its 1.6-gallon usage. It’s a jet, and it has a slightly enlarged 2.375-inch snare raises water rate and pressure. To protect against the toilet from overflowing, it’s a trip lever made from chrome.

And as the bowl is more comprehensive and more extended, the water is more expansive too. This expands your fall zone. Whether you sit in the middle or perch at the edge of the bowl, it reduces streaks and enriches your goal. This way, your quantity 2s tend to be not as inclined to graze the bowl.

Even if they do, then the Cefiontect lubricating Cable prevents waste from clinging to it. And because scrubbing is the nastiest aspect of toilet hygiene, all these features make the toilet worth purchasing.


  • This toilet increases standard powerful flush valve dimensions by 125%.
  • Its widened trap and siphon jet assist its gravity flushing system.
  • Its lubricating glaze makes toilet cleaning effortless.


  • Its one-year warranty is on the shorter side, and you’ll have to spend some time finding the perfect toilet seats.
Toto Drake Two-Piece Toilet
Toto Drake Two-Piece Toilet

3. Toto Aquia Two-Piece Dual Flush Toilet

In some areas, water is rare. To endure, home-owners skimp in their powerful flushing customs. They might overlook’ to flush the following Number 1s. Instead, they will use diffusers and deodorizers to conceal the urine smell. This unorthodox system is unpleasant, unhealthy, and unnecessary.

A more comfortable, safer choice is to put in a dual flush toilet such as the Toto Aquia. It utilizes 0.9 g for fluid flushing system and 1.6 g for intense flushing. That means that you may still conserve water, and also, you do not need to drown your toilet in citrusy pine spray. There are three other ways this toilet saves water.

One, it’s a sleek ceramic glaze, which means you don’t require more rinses to keep the bowl clean. Two, the toilet exterior is also glazed so that you can easy to clean it with a moist cloth and barely any soap. No rinsing is needed. Three, the toilet has a skirted bottom, meaning that the trap is hidden.

This design feature makes the sides flat and smooth so that they require less attention and upkeep. That is because there aren’t any springs and swirls where dust may settle and conceal. 2 chrome buttons trigger the double flush mechanism on the container’s peak.

The form of the toilet is compact and stylish, so it is excellent for smaller toilets. If yours is an additional miniature, you can purchase one using a 10-inch rough-in. This snuggles the toilet closer into the wall, making more leg-room and providing your doorway room to fold open. The toilet only weighs 5 lbs.

This reasonably lightweight toilet is a two-piece, but its layout looks much like a one-piece. In case you’ve little toilet space along with a minimal water quota, it is a thrifty buy.


  • It combines the convenience of a two-piece with the aesthetics of a one-piece.
  • Colors include beige, bone, black, and several shades of white.
  • Its water consumption is less than a gallon in light flush.


  • You’ll have to shell out extra cash for a slow-closing toilet seat and lid.

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4. Toto Nexus Elongated Toilet

Some toilet models have the additional height to make the most of their gravity flushing electricity. This model embraces the smaller is better’ version. It is a compact one-piece toilet with a compacted toilet tank. Top to toe, it just stands 27 inches, and it is about 28.685 inches in the wall.

This dimension shortage does not affect installation, however, since it’s a conventional 12-inch rough-in. Its universal height is not affected; it climbs 16.125 inches from floor to rim. It is a one-piece, so the seat is contained, but it is not your only alternative. Why? Since this toilet is constructed for add-ons.

It matches superbly with Toto bidets, which can help you conserve both water and (toilet) paper. The Toto Nexus works particularly well with some T-40 Bidet Washlet. And even if you don’t need to bring the bidet, you can install automated shredding systems with this modern commode.

Despite a manual only flush platform, the Nexus utilizes an impressive 1.28 GPF, which is compatible with national US law. The snare is a bit enlarged at 2.125 inches. This enriches the push of your tornado flush. It is a thick toilet, however, weighing all 117 lbs.

A lot of men and women that purchase this toilet are persuaded to put in automobile flush. It is striking and suitable, and your salespeople will probably go on and on about it. You might wind up believing you must purchase it. However, the auto flush (and bidet) require electric cords to operate so that they will increase your electricity bills.

Furthermore, if you flip the toilet electrical, it can be unusable during electricity outages. Therefore, should you get that electrical plug installed, ask them to get a manual override.


  • It uses a good 1.28 gallons of water, all without dual flushing.
  • The soft-close seat is included, which cuts your costs.
  • Its skirted base is both pretty and low-maintenance.


  • It’s surprisingly heavy for something so small, so watch your back when you lift it during installation.

5. Toto eWater NeoRest 550H Toilet

Lovers of contemporary chic are attracted to things that appear unconventional. Even when searching for essential items such as bathtubs and toilets, they need a visual wow factor’. The Toto NeoRest provides with its distinctively designed bidet. It appears squat, but its appearances are deceptive.

The nearest includes a conical skirted base plus also a tank-less top. It is located low, only 15.3 inches like its chair. It runs flush against the walls and can be 27.3 inches deep from wall to rim. Nonetheless, it’s 21.5 inches at its widest. Therefore it offers comfortable chairs. It weighs 86 lbs.

This can be an electric toilet with a shallow bowl and ultra-efficient water use. It’s a dual flush system with 1 GPF in thick flush and 0.8 GPF in mild color. Plus, it determines the acceptable flushing manner on its own since it is an automobile flushing system. Additionally, it applies a 2.125 siphon trap.

The broader snare and siphon jet improve your toilet’s flushing capability, which is vital for such a little toilet bowl. The toilet takes a 120V outlet to function, and you may run it by distance also. Its soft-closing lid includes automatic bidet features for washing machines and drying after usage.

It’s possible to select a front wash, back rinse, or gentle rinse. The batter nozzles automatically disinfect themselves, or so the toilet remains healthy and germ-free. The toilet is coated with SanaGloss, adding to its stain-fighting power. An automatic misting effect pre-wets the bowl also.

This pre-misting (combined with SanaGloss) reduces streaking by 80 percent when compared to sterile bowls. After usage, the toilet chases your dual cyclone tornado flush using an after-mist to eliminate residue. Nearest is occasionally called a one-piece tank-less toilet because of its physical appearance.

The rear section of the toilet has a rim-level automatic cistern, complete with side vents. The tank is full of disinfected, electrolyzed water. It is a comprehensive toilet kit, so you don’t need to purchase extra pieces. Plus, it matches your regular 12-inch rough-in bath area.

If you do not mind the excess power consumption and dedicated to sub-gallon use, this produces a great purchase. It is going to leave a massive dent in your pocket, however.


  • It’s beautifully stylish and contemporary.
  • It doesn’t take up much vertical or horizontal space.
  • It uses electrolyzed water, so it has extra germ-fighting power.


  • It’s a pricy piece, and it needs electricity to function.

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Toto drake two piece toilet
Toto eWater NeoRest 550H Toilet

6. Toto Carlyle One-Piece Washlet Bidet Toilet

Many bidets possess a tell-tale layout. For many users, that is the purpose. They desire their private toilet to seem luxurious. Others might want something a bit more subtle. One thing which is a cursory glimpse might pass for a standard toilet. The Toto Carlyle Washlet does so well.

Its external appearance is nearer to the convention, using a curvy bowl attached to some vertical cistern. It’s a skillet with hidden bolts. Being an electric toilet, it’s a great deal of wiring. You might worry this poses an electrocution danger, particularly with this much water included.

Luckily, Toto has you covered, literally. The plugs and wires are looped through the toilet lid bolt and then tucked within the toilet skirt before being subtly linked to a wall socket. There are no visible cables, either on the rim or in the trunk. All cabling is hidden behind a curvy cowl.

Along with the regular Toto tornado flush and Cefiontect glazing, the Carlyle Washlet requires a couple of added hygiene measures. It utilizes electrolyzed water. Additionally, it uses water to pre-mist until Number 2s, post-mist 25 minutes after flushing, and inter-mist following eight idle hours.

The porcelain glaze reduces puffiness, making sure the residue does not stick to the toilet while misting disinfects the bowl and then lubricates it. This combined effect lowers staining possible to significantly less than 20 percent. Tap water is electrolyzed since it enters the jar without including toxic or harsh substances.

It only remains electrolyzed for 2 hours at a time. Therefore there aren’t any side effects. You can utilize that eWater for front and backwash. It’s possible to find the water to spurt or stream and place it into five temperature choices. The heating technology is instantaneous, so it conserves electricity without delay times.

The water warms up inside the spout, perhaps not at the tank, so it uses less power to acquire hot. You could even choose your water’s rate and temperature through remote control. The water automatically sanitizes your retractable wand once you complete drying and drying yourself.

Aside from the warm air drier, features add a bench warmer, deodorizer, and Wonderwave air pockets to restrain wand pressure. All this muscle makes the toilet worth purchasing.


  • It has three automatic misting options to keep the toilet cleaner for longer.
  • Wonderware increases your wand’s pressure for better bodily hygiene.
  • Concealed wiring lowers the risk of electrical accidents.


  • Curious kids and guests could easily damage your expensive toilet trinkets.

7. Toto Soiree One-Piece Double Cyclone Toilet

In the past version we looked at, you can choose between both GPF or 1.28 GPF versions. The Toto Soiree is equally conservative concerning water consumption, but it is just one flush 1.28-gallon version. Its European design stands out, particularly the D-shaped toilet chair.

Fortunately, this can be one-piece toilets. Therefore it has its chair included. Otherwise, finding the ideal size and shape might be challenging, particularly with the present issues surrounding import tariffs. The toilet is 17.25 inches tall at the bottom and includes a soft-closing seat.

It’s a fairly trapezoid cut on the peak of the tank and the base of the skirt. But unlike other skirted toilets, the snare is partly visible at the top region of the bowl. It is an intriguing fashion option, and those wrapped corners and curves make the toilet that far more not easy to clean.

The toilet has a tall cistern to help its dual cyclone gravity-powered flushing. Both the interior and out the toilet are coated with germ-fighting SanaGloss glaze. The toilet comes in many colors and has a conventional 12-inch rough-in despite its continental seat form.

The chair is made of sturdy ergonomic plastic that can withstand corrosion and harsh cleaning compounds. The remaining part of the toilet is constructed from ceramic, whereas the flush lever is chrome. Being a one-piece, this toilet is not difficult to set up, but its habit elements may take some time to replace.

If aesthetics are a priority for you, you may consider this version. It is not abundant in additional features, but it is sufficiently compliant, along with its striking looks make it a powerful competitor.


  • ADA approved
  • Water Sense certified
  • One-piece, skirted design toilet
  • Dual cyclone flush system
  • 12” rough-in with optional 10” and 14” rough-ins available
  • Chrome trip lever
  • One year limited warranty


  • To maintain the high gloss finish to the toilet, gentle cleaning agents are needed

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best flushing toto toilet


Q. What exactly does GPF mean?

A. GPF stands for gallons per flush. This pertains to the total amount of water used each time you flush. Several of TOTO eco-friendly, low-GPF toilets have .08 into 1.6 GPF. If you reside in a city with rigorous water consumption recommendations, considering GPF is vital since you compare toilets.

Q. I am a massive fan of the TOTO toilet. Does the firm offer other toilet products?

A. Yes, and you will find lots if you’d prefer a completely TOTO eco-friendly toilet. They fabricate freestanding baths, showers, bidets, and showers. TOTO also offers an impressive lineup of industrial products well-suited for an assortment of buildings.


Overall, Toto produces some of the best Toto toilets to buy for homes in the marketplace. For the most part, we think there’s a version out of their ranges that can meet most people’s needs, be it double flush, solitary, a particular style, or possibly a sort of flush tech improvement. It, chances are that they have something which fits the bill.

Hopefully, or testimonials will provide you a head start in this regard. You might also need to check out other comments and ratings left by clients on online shops and shops, along with the buying guide. At times it is possible to discover specific info on these that you do not find elsewhere, so make sure you read both the positive and negative comments to get a more full, more balanced summary of the product.

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