Sofa beds are a handy method for homeowners to be certain their overnights guests have room to sleep. Though they weren’t too comfortable when they arrived on the scene, they’ve proven helpful for people who don’t have the excess space for their living space.

Nowadays, couch beds have become far more comfortable and are made not just for comfort but for durability. Sofa bed mattresses present nowadays are thick and made from high-quality substances and innovative technologies such as other mattresses. If your present sofa bed isn’t the comfiest to sleep in, it is possible to swap it for a much better one because there are many excellent sofa beds found in the marketplace nowadays.

Our listing of the best sofa bed mattress reviews below can help you select a new mattress for your couch mattress, improving sleep quality for people who stay. And do not forget to check out our buying guide at the bottom of the page so you can purchase a new mattress fast and economically with all the excellent tips.

Different Types Of Sofa Beds

Conventional Pull-out Chair: A pull-out sofa has the mattress frame tucked beneath the seats. In these couch beds, the mattress might need to be partly rolled to match back.

Futon Beds: Futons would be the most accessible range of sofa beds, motivated by the Japanese bedding layout. They consist of a cushioned, plush, single-cushion that sits on a wooden or metal frame. These are less costly yet practical.

Daybeds: Think about a regular couch but with a deep bench for sleeping. The frames have been fixed and don’t stretch or fall. Therefore, daybeds are perfect for smaller spaces. If you prefer to sleep on the sofa, daybeds are a fantastic alternative.

Sleeper Chair: A sleeper seat is a plush chair that may open to some twin-sized sleeping place. This works for one individual in extra-tight spaces. But a sleeper seat isn’t an ergonomic and comfortable choice compared to the remainder, even if it’s constructed from premium quality materials.

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What Should I Consider When Looking For A Sofa Bed Mattress?

What Should I Consider When Looking For A Sofa Bed Mattress

When you begin trying to find a new mattress for your couch mattress, you will need to be certain that you understand what you’re searching for. There are a couple of elements you ought to pay more attention to to get precisely what you would like at a mattress.

It is excellent to be aware that these considerations are overall. Not everybody will have to adhere to all of them. It only depends upon your preferences and everything you’re searching for in a mattress. Look through those and choose which ones are vital for your sleep or your visitors’ sleep.


Some people believe a costly mattress equals an excellent one. This is not always correct. Some mattresses which are on the less expensive side operate better than, the pricier ones. Do not allow a high or very low cost to fool you.

You may be tempted to purchase the priciest mattress which you could afford, but it is unnecessary. Look for a mattress that gets excellent ratings and contains the features that you’re searching for. This may indicate that you are purchasing a relatively inexpensive mattress! There are a few fantastic mattresses that do cost a whole lot. This is not a necessity whatsoever.


Not all mattresses are complete with a guarantee. It only changes from 1 company to another. Mattress guarantees will protect you from producer problems. You may be paying for a few problems by yourself.

To get a couch bed, you may not require a guarantee. The majority of individuals don’t utilize sofa beds frequently, so there’s less opportunity for something to go wrong using the mattress.

If a guarantee is significant to you, you should look for a sofa bed mattress with you. They are not a requirement for most people, though!

Trial Period

Some mattresses include trial periods so that you can check them outside for a couple of days, weeks, months, or even a whole calendar year. After the established quantity of time is up, you are required to determine whether you would like to maintain the mattress return it. These trials can help ensure you are receiving the mattress which you truly wanted!

Not many mattress companies provide trial periods. If that is important to you, you need to be certain that you choose a trial period setup.

Trial Period
Trial Period


Typically, your sofa bed mattress is only going to be used at the event. A lot of men and women utilize couch beds for their guests. Due to this, you probably won’t require a super-durable mattress. It is excellent if your couch bed mattress is lasting, though. You are going to need to replace it often, which is one way to conserve money.

Evaluate how frequently the sofa bed is going to be utilized before buying a mattress. It is not essential to acquire an extremely durable one when it is not used frequently.


Firmness is vital since it can influence how well or poorly somebody walks. Since you may have some guests sleeping on your couch mattress, you ought to go for a mattress that has got medium stability. This is firm enough for your guests that need a supportive place to sleep. Simultaneously, it’ll be plush sufficient for everyone who would like a more comfortable surface.


If you are searching for a sofa bed in the first place, consider the sort of guests you’ll be having. Is it likely to become unmarried individuals or couples? This could help you determine how big the mattress you need to purchase.

As soon as you possess a sofa mattress, you will need to be certain you understand what size it is. For many individuals, this is not too catchy. It may be missed easily, however. Just be certain to understand how big your couch bed frame so you purchase the ideal size mattress.


Some couch bed frames may be uncomfortable. Because of this, it is essential to purchasing a reasonably thick mattress. You do need to be more cautious, though. A number of your guests may prefer a slimmer, more supportive mattress.

Because you may have various guests spending the night in your home, it is ideal to decide on a moderate thickness mattress. It must work for the majority of your customers. Additionally, they will generally only be remaining for a few days!

Top Rated 9 Best Mattress For Sofa Bed Brands

Top Rated 9 Best Mattress For Sofa Bed Brands

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The 4.5-Inch is your queen-size sleeper couch for those trying to find a replacement mattress for a sleeper couch.

The Milliard replacement mattress also functions nicely for sofa beds and as storable mattresses for a night’s guests or through film nights with family and nearest and dearest.

This top-rated product can also be among the most economical around, maybe not compromising the quality we are searching for a sofa bed mattress.

It’s created out of premium foam, enabling you to improve sleep quality for a refreshing and rejuvenating sleep every evening.

The plan can be body adapting, and that is thanks to its 1.5-inch soft foam. It does exactly what it does without departing support. The memory foam is also the perfect selection for RV, campers, and boats.


  • Bi-layered for extra durability
  • Ideal replacement for affordability
  • It contains a Jacquard softcover.


  • It might not be thick enough for a few users.
  • Lacks border support


Occasionally we have houseguests who may not have a cozy place to stay when we do not have guest rooms together with spare beds.

One perfect option is your DynastyMattress memory foam sofa mattress which has multi-uses, allowing for flexible uses.

It is simple to use this replacement on your sleeper couch, which you’ll be able to switch from a chair to a bed in a minute.

Additionally, I enjoyed its thickness at 4.5 inches, and that can be supportive enough to provide you with a fantastic night of sleep every moment.

This product can also be perfect for back pain relief since it can provide support all the time. It is also possible to anticipate excellent comfort for its gel foam, free of any harmful elements.


  • Cozy and tender for back pain relief
  • It can provide a relaxing and sound sleep because of its lavish foam.
  • CertipurUS Certified foam for content and performance


  • It might not be for heavy users.
  • Complete expansion may take a while

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The Classic Brands Memory Foam Mattress is your favorite sofa bed mattress accessible. It’s everything you could need at a complete size mattress, but it folds up nicely when it is not being used. It is composed of memory foam and high-density polyfoam, which provide comfort and support. This also works to ease the pressure. It provides the ideal blend of cushion and stability, so it works for several consumers. It is rated at roughly medium stability.

Another bonus is the memory foam is watertight. It resists allergens, mold, bacteria, and dust mites. The mattress is only 4.5 inches thick, so that it may be a bit too thin for several users. This mattress is around precisely the exact cost as many other couch bed mattresses.

You will not be breaking up the lender to find a fantastic sofa bed mattress. It is offered in twin, complete, and queen sizes. It includes a 3-year guarantee too. There’s not any sleep trial cited. The customer support in Classic Brands is quite valuable and responsive.


  • 3-year guarantee
  • Moderate stability
  • Supportive and comfortable
  • Variety of sizes


  • It might be too thin for a few users
  • No trial period


Next up, we have obtained the Zinus Cool Gel Memory Foam 5 Inch Mattress. It is made of 1 inch of memory foam plus 4 inches of foam. It has got a fairly firm texture for this, but it is still quite comfortable. It provides the perfect quantity of support for anybody with back or neck pain. The mattress is somewhat adapting, but it does not make you feel like you’re sinking. The cost is typical for couch bed mattresses. It is possible to find a great deal on a fantastic sofa mattress!

The exterior cover may be removed to be cleaned, which will be fine. If you would like to, you can wash it involving guests or simply as needed. A 5-year guarantee is included. No trial period is mentioned. It is offered in twin, complete, and queen sizes. This contrasts with many sofa beds.


  • 5-year guarantee
  • Variety of sizes
  • Supportive and comfortable


  • It might be too firm for some customers
  • It might be too thin for a few users
  • No trial period

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The entire mattress sleeper mattress may make guests or you comfortable since it’s thick, measuring 4.5″ for ultimate comfort while sleeping.

Additionally, I enjoyed the design and construction of this foam mattress. For starters, it includes a trendy and lavish gel-memory foam coating that may provide body contouring and stress relief.

This version can also be made from a two-inch high-density support foam, offering support and cushioning to your physique.

I would also like to urge the mattress as it’s made and designed with a detachable cover that you could easily wash and wash. This cover also increases the softness of this couch bed.


  • 4.5 inches foam for comfort
  • Offers sufficient aid for high-density foam
  • Contours and cushions the entire body


  • On the firmer side for some consumers
  • Lacks breathability

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This sofa bed mattress out of DHP is among the best around since it’s heavy-duty and additional support for its 15-gauge independently styled coils.

This characteristic also makes it a trendy alternative for movement isolation. Thus, even if your spouse continually tosses and turns, you will not be bothered in any way, giving you a fantastic night of sleep.

The chocolate brown and full-size mattress can also be one trendy choice because of its depth of eight inches, adding to the relaxation to acquire from the mattress.

In general, it’s among the best options for quality foams that provide both comfort and support for a fantastic night of sleep.


  • Motion isolation and support for individually encased coils
  • Breathable microfiber cover
  • Thick futon mattress


  • On the company side, for some consumers.
  • Odor can be bothersome.


The PlushBeds Gel Foam Foam Sofa Bed Mattress is just another Great Alternative. In total, this mattress is 4.5 inches thick. It is manufactured from 2.5 inches of memory foam plus two inches of foam. It is thick enough that you will not have the ability to feel that the mattress frame, which can be a frequent issue with sofa beds. This mattress feels sturdy and durable. It ought to last for ages! Many consumers have reported that there is no strong odor like mattresses usually have.

It is offered from the conventional twin, complete, and queen mattress dimensions. Again, these choices will work for many sofa beds. The guarantee info on this mattress is not published. This typically means there is not a guarantee available. Furthermore, no trial interval information is available. Much like the preceding two mattresses, this one is quite reasonably priced.


  • Variety of sizes
  • Supportive
  • Durable
  • Thick


  • No guarantee Info
  • No trial period
  • It might be too firm for some customers.


The Eco Mattress Store Sleeper Sofa Mattress is constructed using high-density memory foam with a poly-cotton cover. This produces a remarkably comfortable surface to sleep. Both you and your visitors will adore it! It is precisely the exact cost as the three preceding choices recorded, making the decision easier.

Be aware that this mattress is only offered in a queen size. Therefore it will not work for everybody. One drawback is that many users can sense the couch bed framework, which may cause some distress. This is because the mattress is just two inches thick. This is based upon the design of this couch bed, though. It has got a 7-year guarantee, but there is not a trial interval.


  • 7-year guarantee
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Fantastic quality


  • Only queen size can be obtained
  • No trial Details
  • It might be too thin for a few users or couch beds.

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The Hypoallergenic Inflatable mattress is among the best options around for its support and comfort gave. It’s also a top choice among people searching for a thick mattress for their couch beds.

This product is precisely what you will need for optimum support since it’s an 11-inch mattress made out of a one-half-inch innerspring.

Another cool feature of the mattress is its air-over-coil technologies, offering a soft and comfortable sleeping surface with no bumps and lumps coming from conventional mattresses.

In general, it’s among the best picks because of its innovation, quality, performance, and material. You may want to look at it to get a replacement couch bed.


  • Made with sterile materials
  • Optimal support for the 11″ density with 0.5″ innerspring thickness
  • Includes an electric hand pump Perfect for sleeper couches


  • It might not be the most durable choice around
  • Lacks breathability


Sofa Bed Mattress FAQs

Can I purchase a new mattress for the couch mattress?

Yes, we urge it! The mattress that accompanies your couch bed may not be the very best available. If you are eternally sleeping on the couch bed or have many guests that visit regularly, then picking a high-quality mattress would be well worth the cost. Fortunately, there are lots of sofa bed mattresses to navigate.

Are couch bed mattresses different from ordinary ones?

Yes, sofa bed mattresses are generally thinner than ordinary mattresses since they will need to compress down to a couch when not being used. They will also be ordered differently so that they could fold up without being ruined. A standard mattress will probably be thick or stiff to work together with your couch bed.

How thick should my couch mattress be?

Most couch bed mattresses are somewhat thinner than standard mattresses since they will need to fold up to a couch when not being used. The precise depth you need is dependent upon your sofa mattress – a fantastic rule is to acquire precisely the same mattress depth as the mattress provided with the couch bed.

In case you’ve got a small amount of additional space, you might go to get a mattress that’s an inch or two thicker since this may provide more comfort for your visitors!

What’s the difference between a sleeper sofa and a sofa bed?

You might discover the terms sleeper couch and sofa bed is somewhat synonymous! Technically, a sleeper couch is created for sleeping – you get rid of the couch cushions, and voila, there is a bed prepared for you.

A sofa bed is generally the fold-out or futon fashion sleep arrangement, in which you unfold or pull out a component of the couch to show a full-sized mattress to sleep. You can purchase sofa mattress mattresses for style; just be certain it’s a cushioned mattress when you’ve got a couch bed.


The sofa bed can be an exceptional selection for many individuals, particularly people who have regular guests. They can provide a fantastic alternative to more conventional sleeping methods since they may save a great deal of floor area, making them suitable for smaller homes/apartments. In addition to this, the duality of beds and sofas makes them more meaningful for several things.

When you start looking for a new couch mattress, be sure to understand precisely what you would like from a mattress. It might be helpful to prioritize each of the many factors listed above to create a better choice. Many hunts for sofa beds begin with individuals searching for a cost-effective alternative. Durability is generally not so crucial as couch beds aren’t utilized as frequently as routine beds. Nevertheless, this might be different for you!

In general, there is not just one bad mattress on this listing. You can not make an error with any of these, and all of them will bring your guests a fantastic night’s sleep. We just found some of the very best on the market, but there are several other fantastic ones, too, if those are not best for you!

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