Unclogging your toilet may be stressful, especially if you don’t have the perfect tools for your job. And to get an elongated toilet, locating the ideal plunger will not be easy.

The fantastic thing is you don’t need to check out products following products merely to discover the very best plunger for elongated toilet. NousDecor did the hard work, and today, we are discussing potent effects that you may use to moisturize your toilet.

Buying Guide

Reviews & Recommendations

That is a tedious task, but you need to read more reviews to get the high-efficiency toilet plunger. These folks have already purchased it and used it for a while.

Consequently, they understand just what the model could perform. If the greatest men and women leave positive testimonials and urge it to their families and friends, this is undoubtedly the one you should select.


Our demands are different, therefore that they come in various styles too. You will find accordion-style and cup design plungers together with the conventional toilet plungers. What kind of suits your wants best ought to become your choice?


The handle could be made from plastic, wood, and aluminum. However, to reduce mold and prevent germs strikes, I advise getting the aluminum handle. Consider the form of the deal also. They are sometimes T-shaped, round-shaped, and so forth. The T-shape will provide you maximum traction.


A feeble seal will do nothing to exfoliate the challenging clog. In case you’ve got a minimal flow contemporary toilet, make sure it matches the drain entirely and produces a tight seal. The plan of this plunger plays a significant part in generating the ideal seal.

Weight Vs. Durability

A lightweight version is preferable. It’s genuine for older relatives and girls. They can not make a good drive if it’s too heavy.

However, make sure that it isn’t flimsy either to allow it to be lightweight. It is not the most immeasurable toilet plunger if it isn’t durable enough.

Drip Tray

You don’t need the filthy toilet water to disperse all around the restroom. A drip tray can help you a lot to block it. Additionally, it helps to maintain the plunger at the vertical position for quicker drying.

I analyzed a few of these versions, which include the drip tray. I advise that you take them in your serious consideration.

Benefits of Usage

I didn’t examine them, but there are a few automated versions. They could mechanically break down or move the clog with no constant pushing down and up. Furthermore, if it’s rubber made, it’ll make the suction readily without a lot of work.


Where would you usually maintain the plunger if not being used? I typically keep it close to the toilet bowl. If you retain it everywhere in your toilet, it is going to make its look to everybody. It will affect the total elegance of your toilet. So yes, it ought to be unique also.


The cost difference between a cheap one and a costly one is relatively low. However, with those few extra dollars, you can find the high-quality one which will last more. And above all, it will see the work done with your minimal effort and less time.

best toilet plunger

Top Rated Plunger For Elongated Toilet Brands

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Korky 99-4A Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

This extended toilet plunger is intended to match all toilets, so it should work nicely with your elongated toilet bowl.

The Korky 99-4A is fabricated in the United States, and this plunger is created of non-marking rubber. The seals have a unique beehive design, which decreases the effort you want to put in while stirring.

The maker has become a great deal of work in developing and testing the heavy-duty toilet plunger. The elastic plunger head fits nicely into differently-shaped toilet openings. You could have a little bit of a problem having a perfect seal if your toilet opening is square; however, incorporating a bucket of water while diving might assist in factoring in the number of additional pressure required to unclog the congestion.

The distinctive T-shaped handle gives you additional leverage to make an effective pumping movement and is more straightforward to grasp than short straight handles located on many plungers.

The Korky plunger was voted among the most significant new home products by This Old House back in 2014 and has been among the best-selling and top-rated plungers now.

The Korky plunger is advocated by leading toilet manufacturers and analyzed to operate on American Standard, KOHLER, and Toto toilets.


  • All-American product
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Better seal than most regular plungers
  • Less effort is required while plunging.
  • Soft rubber adapts well to irregularly-shaped toilet openings.
  • T Shaped handle is more comfortable to grab
  • They are made of non-marking rubber.


  • May not adapt well to some toilet openings
  • Wall thickness of the rubber is a bit smaller than other plungers

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Samshow Powerful Manual Multi Drain Plunger

If you’re trying to find a small additional boost in the declogging, this compressed air plunger may fit the bill.

The Sam show Toilet Plunger is simple to use and keep, made from safe material using a natural rubber plunger, and fits most toilets like Kohler, TOTO, and American Standard.

Another benefit is that you may also utilize this de-clogger on bathtubs, sinks, and drains too. This is an excellent plunger to get at the home as it functions for your kitchen, so if you’re only looking to have a single plunger for all your applications (such as a rental flat ), this is a good pick.

However, for a dedicated toilet bowl plunger, search for the excess flange on the floor, such as you see on the review over. This one has a more significant attachment for your toilet, but it’s the shape you would find on a kitchen plunger.

This plunger includes two interchangeable plunger cups, one for toilets and yet another to work with on smaller pipes like bathtubs and sinks.


  • Soft, natural rubber plunger cups
  • Two sizes of plunger cups
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomically-designed handle
  • 18-month warranty


  • Rubber plunger sometimes gets misshapen while shipping
  • The amount of air pressure generated is not always sufficient to do the job
Samshow Powerful Manual Multi Drain Plunger
Samshow Powerful Manual Multi Drain Plunger

Samshow Toilet Dredge Plunger

The key behind an exceptional product is its layout. The Samshow Toilet Dredge Plunger is just one such example. The plunger’s construction is hard to explain, but it’s a well-thought-out design, with a specific focus on the strange form of a toilet drain’s S-bend.

This plunger is fabricated with Natural ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), TPR (thermoplastic rubber), and stainless-steel.

The heavy-duty plunger’s substance is sturdy, although not abrasive, maintaining your toilet surface secure—the plunger functions for many kinds of toilets. The plunging force required is comparatively less compared to the traditional sort of plungers.

Due to the unique, flexible design, you get a better reach to the’ bend of your toilet, together with improved accessibility to the congestion location.


  • Unique Shape Adaptable to any Toilet’s S-Bend
  • Natural ABS & TPR provides flexibility and toughness
  • Unusually-shaped for deeper penetration
  • Long stainless-steel handle reduces the effort required for plunging
  • More efficient than conventional manual plungers


  • Not applicable to squatting-type toilets
  • Residue tends to collect on the fins. Need to rinse it as you plunge
  • Storage container not provided

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Master Plunger MP100 Heavy Duty Toilet Plunger

In regards to coping with stubborn clogs efficiently, this toilet plunger is among the best-elongated toilet plungers. The product prevents water flow due to its automatic air valve, which provides escape distance to trapped air while plunging.

Made with high-quality substance, the plunger clears clog very quickly with very little work. It works well on blockages, stubborn clogs and provides more water electricity than classic rubber plungers.

Besides, the heavy-duty plunger features a tri-level nozzle that provides an impressive seal in garbage disposals, kitchen countertops, toilets and showers, and bathtubs. Before embarking on stirring, make sure there is a fantastic seal at the toilet hole so that you don’t splash water all around the restroom.


  • Clears clog efficiently
  • Prevents water overflow
  • Heavy-duty


  • May break quickly

Carlisle 3643903 Ergonomic Power Plunger

This toilet plunger is just another tool that makes it possible to eliminate clogs effectively. The flange matches the toilet for the best seal. The device does not splash water all around the restroom.

The ergonomic design strengthens the workforce and keeps the simplicity of use at precisely the same moment. The product features a 21-inch plastic handle that’s nonabsorbent and provides a comfortable grip for easy use.

Additionally, the plunger is heavy-duty and functions much better than conventional plungers. Together with this product, coping with clogs is a lot simpler. It’s also durable and guarantees a very long duration of usage.


  • Doesn’t splash water
  • Easy to grip
  • Heavy-duty


  • May leave marks in the toilet

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Carlisle 3643903 Ergonomic Power Plunger
Carlisle 3643903 Ergonomic Power Plunger

LinzGTC Toilet Plunger

This toilet plunger is a beautiful alternative due to the eco-friendly substances it is constructed from. The product is excellent for extended toilets and functions efficiently to clean clogs. Bearing in mind that multitasking could be tasking, the instrument also includes a convenient handle making it effortless to use. The deal provides a fantastic grip, and you’re going to get to dive without a lot of work.

To increase confidence in the plunger, the producer delivers a 60-day refund elegance in the event you’re unsatisfied with its output. This helps to ensure you have confidence your cash isn’t in danger.


  • Works effectively
  • Great grip
  • 60-day refund warranty


  • Doesn’t last long

Neiko 60166A Toilet Plunger -Budget Pick

Even though some people do not even have a plunger and only presume the toilet will gradually moisturize itself, we think that it’s worth getting at least a budget plunger in each bathroom in the home.

We all want to have a fantastic deal, and also, the Neiko Toilet Plunger is reasonably-priced, wherein the project gets done, but less expensive. But, you might even call this the most potent plunger from the marketplace owing to its efficiency.

A good deal of thought has gone into the design of the product. The rubber cup includes four measures of varying diameter. This layout has the double goal of first fitting to various diameters of toilet openings and second, not bending backward at the pipe, based on the four measures’ added mechanical power.

The manager consists of corrosion-resistant aluminum with a peg-hole towards the finish, so you may hang your elongated toilet plunger in a spot that’s convenient yet out of sight if not required.


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Efficient, so less effort required to plunge
  • Superior, best-quality rubber
  • Unique 4-step plunger design
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum handle


  • May not work efficiently on an oval or square toilet drain hole
  • Rubber is on the hard side, which hampers creating an airtight seal
  • Swivel tip acts as an obstruction and can be painful on the palm while plunging

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Q. What kind of plunger for elongated toilets?

A. Standard plungers work well on conventional round toilet bowls, and thus the requirement for a distinctive type of plunger within an elongated toilet. A plunger for an elongated toilet needs to have a head using a beehive layout, allow for outstanding grip, and also have a rubber flange tip in its bottom to produce a fantastic seal for stirring.

Q. What is the best type of toilet plunger?

A. The ideal sort of toilet plunger should be the foldout cup fashion. It’s a narrow shirt, broad middle, along with a narrow base that fits into many toilet drains. This little butt has an unusually shaped drain, which helps to provide a potent seal in addition to a fantastic deal of pressure.

Q. Why won’t my toilet unclog using a plunger?

A. Several aspects can cause this problem. You might want to replicate the stirring several times so that the stubborn clogs may split. The congestion may also be too strong to dislodge. If the clog goes past the drain and is heavy within the primary sewer, then a plunger will not perform the job. You’ll have to ask the support of an attorney to clean this type of significant clog.

If you consider how to plunge a toilet, read more: https://www.familyhandyman.com/project/how-to-fix-a-clogged-toilet/

Q: How to unclog a toilet with a plunger?

A: Updating


Obtaining an answer to clogged elongated toilets is often very difficult; however, special plungers are crafted to take care of stubborn clogs within this kind of toilet. As seen from the products we’ve examined, a plunger owns certain features that let it get through clogs from the toilet drain. While looking for the ideal plunger to get an elongated toilet, you need to consider a heavy-duty design that delivers a fantastic seal, a comfortable grip and is very simple to use.

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